Food, mh (eating is good!) 

Wow I went from sad and tired and overwhelmed to feelin ok! With just the addition of a break and a snack.

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sourcetree for windows finally introduced dark mode, this is the happiest day of my entire miserable life.

Getting things done 

I sent ... so many emails

But somehow, there are still more emails to send


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Getting things done 

I was unproductive due to a cold and pregnancy sleepies last week and now this week I’m like BACK ON but wow what a weird brain space it is to be Getting Things Done

Cat thoughts 

“I’m an outside cat now”

(He snuck out but looks so cozy I don’t have the heart to disturb)

Food camp 

Ran into @darius at the farmers market during my weekly fruit splurge. Have we had a friend camp cooking demo? Because I would tune in to watch @darius cook any of the things he was describing. In return I can offer @andypressman making his chili sauce or me making pie. The joy of food.camping?


Huh, like Jurassic park, this film hinges on scientists getting their funding pulled

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Parenting content 


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Parenting content 

I have made a picnic of snacks and we are going to watch ghostbusters. Solo parenting survival at its finest!

Afternoon briefing 

Realized I had not been alone in seven days between family, house guests, work event. Now I’m alone and it is so so good. Took a nap.

When will my husband return from the war 

Update: @andypressman found a bar that gave him 10 mins of internet for a beer. He’s alive and as sweaty as you’d expect for him in Cuba.

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Friend Camp

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