Real Q - did no one flag these names as fucking terrifying in focus groups?

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Is Welive going to be corporate housing? In the most dystopian iteration of this wegrow is daycare and k-12 education

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Maybe the more dystopian version is that Wegrow is immortality.

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Wegrow is where young people enter for “professional development” but really their youth essence is harvested by sv 1% folks who want to live forever

I refuse to google and find out what it really is

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I’m not over it and more time with their copy has shown me that Welive is an old folks home for the youngs.

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@Danielle I had avoided reading the we(work) thing and I can't tell if this is what I expected or worse when I saw "We Living"

@krisfreedain but it seems like they went MORE DYSTOPIAN in response

@Danielle totally agree. "Business incubator" concept taken a few steps tooooooo far.

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