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high integration with a mutually supportive queer community as a survival tactic because holy fucking shit am i not surviving without it

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workout inspiration 

I'm gonna crush this fuck of a world between my thighs like it was a watermelon

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Cis people can say to me "I'm not used to using singular 'they,' we need something else for nonbinary people!" and I don't feel invalidated as I explain that this is what a person asked us to use, so it's respectful to use it, regardless of what we might have been taught about prescriptive grammar.

Taking that little bit of a burden off of a trans person is part of my job as a cis person to make the world a better place for everyone.

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One small example of my cis privilege is being able to have the conversations with cis coworkers who inadvertently use the wrong pronouns for someone who used to work at the front desk and it doesn't hurt me.

When I correct folks, they can be defensive at me "I didn't mean to! I'm not trying to disrespect <person>, I'm just not used to it!" and <person> isn't even in the room, doesn't have to deal with that fragile attitude.

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It benefits all of society to have more out trans people! Both in the media and as we go through our daily lives, more trans representation makes the world a better place for everyone.

I see you and I love you and I love to see you. :blobcattransheart:

#ACAB includes #ElfOnTheShelf. Stop teaching your kids to surrender to authoritarian omnipresent surveillance and that such things can be used “for good”.

It's Crochet Time!
Pattern : Shuttle the shongolo - by The projectarian

I started this large project back in September... Slowly but surely and approximately 83hrs later, my millipede came to life! I'm very proud of what I accomplished despite me messing up in a couple of places, he turned out looking gorgeous and the kid and the cats are already fighting over him 😂

#crochet #yarnaddict #shuttletheshongolo #theprojectarian

This feels like a good time for lots of non trans people to loudly state the truth that trans people are good and more out and visible trans people is good for society.

Tips for Americans on saving money on COVID protection:

-Masks such as N95s are FSA/HSA reimbursable.

-Your health insurer (private or public) is still required to offer you 8 free home COVID tests every 30 days.

-Some states are continuing to mail free home COVID tests on request. For example, WA, MN, and WI residents can order them through

white unemployed autistic transfemme seeking help with funds for bills+transition stuff
i can make simple pixel art stuff and im making a zine on wardriving as well as some flip phone stuff
kofi in my profile

#MutualAid #TransMutualAid

I kept myself off of Mastodon this past week, and while it was really hard i do think that i was handling myself much better, internally. I missed this space though. I think for the coming few weeks I'll only access fedi on my desktop and see if i can hold a better balance.

real "am i actually plural though" hours, who's up

Honestly when white people talk about blocking and muting *as a substitute* to improving the racism problem on here I start getting nervous, because kind of the Platonic ideal of curating the feed is getting one's own instance. And the fedi's record with minority-run instances has not been good. The chorus of "Have you tried blocking?" starts to sound like, "Have you considered fucking off to one easily-ignored, easily-harassed location so we can get rid of you in one convenient swoop?"

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Just Asexual Things 

I really don’t like people using ‘intimacy’ as a euphemism for sex. Especially when they try to describe asexuality as “Oh, you can feel love you just don’t desire INTIMACY with people?”

Like hell I don’t desire /intimacy/. I desire emotional intimacy. I desire getting to know people intimately. I desire to have an intimate familiarity with the people I care about. I desire a deep understanding, a close mental model of each other. I even desire being physically close, as in tactile contact and closeness.

I just don’t desire anything involving genitals or secondary sex characteristics. That’s it.

Disabled and trans couple asking for help for Christmas gifts, including stuff for my wheelchair and my computer + clothes for my old dog, please boost 

Hey there!

Please if anyone can and want to help with a boost or even just a small amount since we only live on my disability benefits, it would help a lot!

I'd like to get a safety belt for my wheelchair, maybe better wheels and RAM for my laptop because it has 4gb only and it's really hard to develop a game with it.



CVS is getting sued for having customers pay for a million dollar settlement to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) by asking customers to top off their purchase and fraudulently telling them they are ‘donating’ it to the ADA. Next time you see this when checking out: decline.

#t1d #doc #diabetes


Maybe there's a little of circle theory in the CW discourse? Vent outwards, support inwards. I would *never* tell someone to CW shit that affects *them* more than it affects *me*.

Conversely, I don't want to be the guy that says "hey, oppressed friends, here's some more upsetting stuff for you!" without a heads-up.

If you ask "should one CW this?" you seek a universal that shouldn't exist. Ask "should *I* CW this?".

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