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workout inspiration 

I'm gonna crush this fuck of a world between my thighs like it was a watermelon

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once again, what in the fuck is a romance

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jiu jitsu or as I like to call it, combat hugging

we really like the aesthetics of our handwritings and it's frustrating the only long thing we were is journal entries we don't want to post

idle philosophy i guess 

"you'll get through this" is a pretty shitty sentiment.

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idle philosophy i guess 

good and bad can only mean you like/don't like it, or that you do/don't expect it to be liked generally.

genuine question about the us legal system 

would wearing a jacket with queer/anarchist patches make me more likely to be dismissed in jury selection?

I maintain that mastodon needs a "don't post" button


fellas is it twinning kink to appreciate how you look in a mirror

ESRB only partly supports the trans agenda. Where's the T for Everyone?

"hackles" just really sounds like it means a weird laugh

Men who are NOT trans and who cannot bear a child and give birth, how do you feel about that?

a) I wish I could become pregnant and give birth
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can't become pregnant and give birth


Women who are NOT trans, how do you feel about your past/present/future ability (or inability) to give birth?

a) I don't want to be pregnant/give birth, or wish I was unable
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can become pregnant, or wish I could


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big dragon (or other large creature) power move:

instead of using honorifics such as mr. mrs. mx. etc, go by mt. (short for mountain)

i think it would be cool if tomorrow i woke up as a small lizard person with an irresponsibly wide ass

crass toki pona 

after I get my "tonsi" tattoo I can get a "jan ni li unpa pona" tattoo

mediocre tattoo idea 

this machine kills fascists

making fat jokes about right wingers doesn’t actually hurt right wingers

it just hurts everyone in earshot who made the mistake of standing on your side with the “wrong” body shape

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