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workout inspiration 

I'm gonna crush this fuck of a world between my thighs like it was a watermelon

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since when are my eyes so blue?? are cameras lying to me? I thought they were greyer

"This is a map-drawing game. You collectively explore the struggles of a small community trying to transition from extractive technologies, economies, knowledges and practices and build a new way of living. It is a game about community, difficult choices, solarpunk dreams and anti-capitalist futures. Players will narrate the events of the community and the groups within it as it struggles to overcome the many challenges of climate change and the transition away from capitalism and control by a few to an expanded democracy of communities controlling their lives and futures, together. When you play, you make decisions about the community. Those decisions get recorded on a map that is constantly evolving. Parts of the map are literal cartography, while other parts are symbolic. You will also name and describe the various groups that make up the larger community."

When Biden dies in several months, he should be memorialized on every piece of collection agency letterhead

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folks in the US: applications for 2022 to get free binders are open now!

you can also donate at that link as well.

most tourist traps are very ineffective since tourists very easily escape them


the six of us, er, seven—sorry, three—no wait the five of—no it's fourteen (fifteen?)
no wait, it's four

Help a black disabled mother who has lost their motion in their right side due to COVID-19 and is trying to support their four kids!

ohh, Arcane was about Fortnite? I thought it was about League of Legends

I just happen to think part of the charm of an animal is its lethality


Wordle 218 2/6

I'm a little upset about this tbh, I wanted to play for longer

Type of guy who thinks drag is short for dragon

Reminder: Please keep accessibility in mind when designing your software! Consider more than how your UI design looks!

As an amateur browser dev I do what I can to ensure every (compatible) webpage is accessible, but there's only so much I can do. E.g. if you don't <label> your webforms, if you don't add alt-text there's not much I can do to correct your poor design.

But I can prevent autoplay video, enforce minimum contrast, make all animations pausible, support userstyles, etc!


Today I had my first Dog Poo + Wheelchair experience, and so PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG OKAY.

It's not just people's shoes it might affect, when dog poo gets on wheelchair wheels it will probably end up on the disabled person's hands and sleeves too! PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.


carin's cookies continue to fuck me up

If you strike, the state might rule that it's illegal.

If you quit to move to better work conditions, the state might say that it is illegal for you to leave.

The state colludes with capital to reinforce oppressive power structures. Often the only avenue to resist are going to be illegal. Prepare yourself for that.

return of compelled work AKA slavery in the US 

Anyone who's been paying attention to how laws affect people may already know that slavery is de facto legalized through the prison system.

Well, slavery in the general non-incarcerated population is making a comeback!

Summary: 7 healthcare workers left a hospital to take a better job offer from a different hospital.

Instead of paying them more, or providing any other tangible benefit to these workers, the hospital that they were leaving sued in court for an injunction barring the workers who quit from starting work at the new hospital until their positions at the old hospital had been filled.

Let me spell that out.

A hospital employing at-will workers sued to prevent them from working elsewhere, and was successful.

And now, BNSF is suing in court to prevent their workers from going on strike, arguing that the economic damage would be too severe to allow it.

Put another way.

BNSF is suing in federal court to compel their workers to continue working. This is slavery.

This is the beginning. This isn't a fucking "slippery slope" that "might lead to slavery" this is literally corporations suing in court to be permitted to impose slavery on their workers, and succeeding.

What is our court system for?

What the fuck is any of this for?

-, (not) eating 

is it a forgetting to eat kind of night?
clearly not! I remembered well enough to post about it!

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