what girl doesn't dream of being a highly lethal nanobot swarm

i just want to core some fuckers like they're apples 😔

@Lore there was a 2018 cyberpunk movie called Upgrade (sidenote: it felt like the movie venom was trying to be and i liked it a lot but it's very violent). anyway, the big bad guy has an augmentation that lets him sneeze nanobots with sharp blades that tear people up from the inside and it's really cool

@Lore i've been dreaming of this since high school.

@Lore for me it went "robot limbs would be cool" -> "i'd need cybernetic augmentations to my spine and torso to be able to use robot limb super-strength" -> "if i'm upgrading/replacing my whole body, might as well become a nanoswarm" -> "if i'm a shapeshifting mass of nanobots, what if i gave myself some tits haha jk unless...?"

the transhumanist daydreamer to trans human pipeline is real

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