consuming corpo propaganda that i know is distasteful but it's got a higher production budget than anything else that's catching my eye right now, but feeling vindicated because hey at least i'm stealing it instead of paying them for the privilege of being manipulated?

now that's cyberpunk, baby 👉😎👉


cyberpunk but instead of asking if body mods make you less human and answering no, it asks if working for a corporation makes you less human and the answer is yes

@Lore i saw a video about the world building in Cyberpunk 2077 that I thought was interesting. He talked about how all the employees in this hotel have gold chrome skin, and what that says about the company and the society, without ever having some npc clumsily exposit, "boy it sure sucks we had to replace our skin with gold plating in order to be allowed to earn a livelihood!"

Obviously the game has a lot of other problems both technical and social, but I think that's neat.

@squeedoodle @Lore ah, was the OP talking about that particular game? I thought it was about cyberpunk in general...

@franko @Lore no I think you're right, I also got the impression this was about the concept in general. It just made me think of that example.

@Lore "it asks if working for a corporation makes you less human and the answer is yes" had been part of cyberpunk poetics since its earliest beginnings. The cyberprep lore they sell us as "cyberpunk" today is just the result of keeping to beat a long dead horse.

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