Giant, free index to world's research papers released online

In a project that could unlock the world’s research papers for easier computerized analysis, an American technologist has released online a gigantic index of the words and short phrases contained in more than 100 million journal articles — including many paywalled papers.

The catalogue, which was released on 7 October and is free to use, holds tables of more than 355 billion words and sentence fragments listed next to the articles in which they appear. It is an effort to help scientists use software to glean insights from published work even if they have no legal access to the underlying papers, says its creator, Carl Malamud. ...

HN discussion:

#libraries #search #AcademicPublishing #SciHub #CarlMalamud

The EMMI in Dread kept giving me Blame! safeguard vibes so why not give it a cute little face for a more warm and tender human connection 🙂
#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #MetroidDread #metroid

definitely overdone, by like a week lol
and my persimmon isn't ripe yet :blobsobglasses:

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Duke Leto "What if the nobility were just so likeable that they *deserved* to have serfs" Atreides

@NumberOneBug wait shooting a shield blows it up?? How do the needle guns work then?

physical health 

maybe I really should get my hearing checked 🤔 I struggle a lot with hearing voices through any background noise. I just don't want to fight that fight with my insurance provider rn... 😓

BBC Transphobia 

Laura Kate Dale started an open letter to the BBC over its latest, utterly criminal excuse for an article about trans women. Feel free to share and sign.

One of my favorite indulgences when writing fiction is to use Greek-derived planetary adjectives.

A city on rails racing along just ahead of the Hermean dawn.

Mooncrete built from Selenian regolith.

Folks in domed habitats trying to engineer crops that will grow in toxic Arean soil.

Aerostatic cities floating about the clouds in the Aphroditian atmosphere.

opening my phone's clock app, pulverizing my phone into dust, and putting it in an hourglass

[ASMR] sardaukar throat singing with gentle rain, quiet ritual sacrifice

:mycomputer: how to unhinge jaw and surpass the limits put upon me by my skeleton

yeah i speak for the trees and they say piss off colonizer *the lorax raises two LMGs in his astoundingly beefy arms*

the green knight? you mean the lorax in full plate?

green knight, spoilers? 

I loved the verdigris on the crown

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timeweird green knight theory, spoilers 

I wonder, is the battlefield where Gawain met the bandit, where 'the king slew nine hundred sixty men himself',, is that the aftermath of when his son died?

trans women question about shaving 

@baronnarcveldt wei have quite light arm hair and it's never really bothered muis. Laser was painful and slow enough that for anything other than the face I want to avoid it. Used to shave/pluck around nipples and particularly thick hairs under the navel but honestly they've mostly stopped bothering me lately.

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