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@Lore unionchain brought to you by [checks notes] the pinkertons

"You can't be a good organizer if you don't genuinely love and respect ordinary people." - Jane McAlevey

Gonna say it again for the folks at the back: otherkin-bashing and furry-bashing are, and always have been, just queer-bashing with a blanket over it. Targeting esoteric outsiders in a community is always about ganging up on the queers by using perceived weirdness as a wedge.

As ever, strive to ask yourself a very simple question before you pop off: "is this actually hurting anybody?" If not, then keep your damn mouth closed.

a blunt and unfriendly reminder that asexual people exist. :asexual_flag:

as much as I like symbols and conlangs and esoterica it *is* a bit unclear to those not in the know so probably my second tattoo will be big block text "QUEER MOTHERFUCKER" across my chest

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aaa got my tattoo consult set for tomorrow and im nervyyyy

AOC’s tax the rich dress designer doesn’t pay her taxes and exploits intern labor. I was ambivalent about the dress itself but I’ve gotta say: lmao owned.

I tried to make kombu cha but it's just soup stock, it's not fizzy or tangy at all!

secondhand store? but I already have two. do you think they'll sell me a third?

today is one of those days where I have to explain to my cat that she shouldn't eat me because then she wouldn't have anyone to give her scritches

hopefully this will give me time and no escape from reading some books lol

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Instance block recommendation, pedophile, zoophile, graphic descriptions of CSA in receipts 

If it's not already done I recommend blocking hentai dot baby for being a nest of pedos[1][2][3] and supporting "paraphilias" such as zoophilia[4] and ""minor attraction"" (i.e. pedophilia).


[1] The first "testimonial" they have on their "about" page is a link to a GRAPHIC post from one of their users (image 1).
[2] Their pleroma front-end background image is a bunch of scantily clad young anime girls
[3] They state themselves that their rules are based on those of another instance, pedo dot school. Name is explicit enough.
[4] One of their rules openly welcomes pedophiles and zoophiles (image 2)

:( jury duty in two days. not looking forward to having to be up and out of the house by the time I'm normally waking up

"but stopping to ask for consent ruins the mood!"

Yo, if you can't figure out how to be sexy while asking for consent, you aren't mature enough for a sexual relationship much less a kinky one

And if you think dominance isn't compatible with seeking consent, you're not ready to top a Tupperware bowl

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