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Portland Mutual Aid and Disaster Relief info 

I just spent my morning before school putting this together, boost it like you mean it.

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General System Notes 

We are a family, we all look related, and fill familial roles for each other. The parents are deeply in love.
Violet and Victor are our majority-fronters, with Sol being a surprising runner-up, and Ruby following close behind.
We answer to Carin, do not call on us or reference us until you know all of us.
We have been a stable system for at least 2 years now, integration is not our goal, cohesion is. We are only complete together.
We are happy to answer questions.

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Nobody's mad at you
Nobody's mad at you
You're havin a private experience
Nobody's mad at you
Nobody's mad at you
Nobody really gives a fuck


They have been doing such a good job of de-escalation, sometimes I worry that it isn't reciprocated.
I'm p sure it is tho, like lesbihoness

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Ohh no it's end of term and I'm pretty hardcore flirting with my anarchist they classmate oopsie.
I'm only frustrated because I have at least another term to go with them, so it's bot like I can really fuck with these boundaries much.

Vague anarchist meta 

"Actually, we don't have a hierarchy or in-group, that's the whole thing about our organizing, is-"

No shhhhh shhhh they can keep looking for our CEO they'll never find her ;]


It's honestly not fair how hot I am. Redistribute hotness.

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i have never once in my life shut up

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i want to thank everyone again for the financial help as i prepare to move out of my abusive landlady's house

here is a receipt of the supplies i got from lowe's for the sake of transparency

this receipt doesnt show the ubers i took or the cot/sleeping bag i bought

please donate (or boost!) what you can!


if you feel inclined, i made a hashtag tracking my landlady's abuse #hoseing

thank you!!

Selfie, no ec 

I consider a slam dunk on my part, sibs, how boutchu?

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focusing on myself and my needs

giving myself what I need to enjoy life

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$$$ help, patreon, boosts appreciated 

(removed part about bills and glasses, since those are paid and glasses are ordered)

As usual, I'm in constant need of help since its been harder to find work because of waves hands around and my mental & physical health

I have a patreon:

and my usual links:$melaninpony

Any and everything is appreciated ❤️

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My bifurcated plant is growing two adorable buds.

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If your politics aren’t invested in helping the people who desperately need it *right now,* then it is worthless to me.

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I present: "The Living Stone"

> Billowing from the north, inky tendrils cracked the sky and brought soaking gales that quenched our fire for the first time in living memory. Rain thundered, the soil churned, and furious bolts split venerable oaks. Roosts old with story smoldered in the dim morning light.

I almost intentionally missed my bus just to have more time to scrape. I won't be able to stop thinking about it until I get back there. Don't tell him that tho.

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The gender today is "homosexual fowl"

I wish I was still in a hate watch group so I could maybe poke a comrade to help me with the cleanup.
Oh well.

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Yo my bus stop is papered in trump stickers again, and I only have one more day of taking the bus to scrape em and repaste. This guy needs to get a life.

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opsec matters (PDX protests)

“You’re getting an inside view into your targets, who they are, who they’re talking to—the hierarchy,” the former intelligence officer said, explaining that many within the DHS believe that antifa is an organized group.

DHS used stingrays and cellphone cloning to identify protestors - the ones they then kidnapped into unmarked vans and held without charges.
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