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Offer of Help 

Here are my skills:
-emotional support
-grocery/Rx runs
-free shuttle for post-protest or to appointments
-pointing your money and resources to local orgs that need them most and are doing good work
-finding resources for anyone in need right now
-housekeeping, pet sitting
-protest preparation

I am here to help. If you know someone off fedi who needs any of these, contact me.

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Nobody's mad at you
Nobody's mad at you
You're havin a private experience
Nobody's mad at you
Nobody's mad at you
Nobody really gives a fuck

I painstakingly dragged 14 .png image files into kdenlive then changed the duration of each one to 05 or 02s and so on. Please enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜… #MastoArt

#axolotl #PixelArt #chiptune #GameDev

News websites, etc: here's a popup obscuring the article that you can't click out of without agreeing to cookies.
Me: you underestimate my ability to function on a shitty UI, I was born into this you simply adopted bad coding practices

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bowboy cecop

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at this point enough of the public-facing liberal "organizers" at CHAZ have outed themselves as police collaborators that i'm willing to believe the entire self-destructing liberal side of CHAZ was an op from day one


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this is the problem with leaderless movements where most of the members don't seem to know each other. without a cohesive political identity, no one's willing to push out the dumbasses acting like a vote is ever gonna stop police killing black people


kissing girls is fine or whatever but have you tried kissing punks

I love you, you love me
Letโ€™s smash the patriarchy
With a manifesto of equality
Those dinosaurs will cease to be

Iโ€™m working along the East Fork Quinault River in the Olympic National Park. Long drive, but totally worth it (for summer work). Todayโ€™s scenes:

Now providing shut the fuck up as a service

Also if some of you in this category are in Portland/the pnw please introduce me to your fat and fat loving trans friends omg

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Selfie, cat 

@Moss cats are the only creatures who have a right to be sad when the boobs go away

Selfie, cat 

She doesn't even know this is the end of an era for her chest sits

Yeah, if you got time today, or the next few days, watch Cody Johnston with SOME MORE NEWS: How To Pretend Systemic Racism Doesn't Exist

damn bro thats crazy. anyway wanna come over and hold hands cause im beginning to forget that i exist and only through receiving affectionate validation from others can i feel like a being within this reality

Good morning.

I've decided the name Jeff is using one too many hook-shaped letters.

For efficiency's sake, we should get that number down, so from this point forward, please address all Jeffs as Feff.


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