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fresh tattoo, bare thigh 

take a fucking sip babes

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:plural_heart: carin system ref 

Violet- she/her. Mom energy. demisexual woman. healing magic. Pisces. πŸ’œ
Victor- he/him. big daddy. bisexual man. Leo. πŸ’™
Kissa- she/it. sex magic, catkin. weird aunt. kinky and unbothered by labels. leo. πŸ–€
Glenn- they/he. earth magic. abrosexual genderqueer. pisces. πŸ’š
Sol- he/him. trauma body. ~14 years old. demiboy. cancer. πŸ’›
Ash- she/they. oldest aspect. ~6 years old. no interest in gender/sex. cancer. πŸ’

you had a bad day
you had a bad day
you had a bad day
and you had a bad day

I don't have the time OR the energy to have a gender

Designated a natural monument of the city, the tree is the 7th largest in Japan and over 3,000 years old. It is 30 m high, has a circumference of 20 m, and its branches extend 30 m east-west and 33 m north-south. It is the sacred tree of Takeo Shrine, the oldest shrine in Takeo.

Air Astana 1388 was a 11 Nov 2008 repositioning flight that is amongst the most harrowing tales in civil aviation. For 90 minutes, the crew fought their uncontrollable Embraer Regional Jet which pitched, spun, and rolled 360Β° with seemingly no indication of fault.

To anyone who has a service dog, what was the process you went through to get one?


starting a queers only fight club where we see how much pain we can give/take so i have an excuse to drag myself of dirty cement wiping blood from my mouth and giving my opponent a smirk

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intentions matter in magic and basically nowhere else


i need to get slapped to the ground (horny)

everyone on this car with a mask is practically huddled together in sections while the naked faces get at least 8 ft of space and it makes me wanna scream

asking for help; caps 

I hate to be a fuckin' burden all the time, but could you spare a buck or two for a shin ramyun?

WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN PAID YET? :smb3_sun:$somarasu


need to get this printed on a little credit card sized piece of paper and laminate it and keep it in my wallet at all times

i'm gonna have to redesign my entire resume and i'm so tired.

assiming people have adobe and office and that shit in their home computers is classist

why is my small list of care tasks today so overwhelming?

my good bitch, you are pushing day 3 unmedicated, you thought you could just keep going?

"This is a map-drawing game. You collectively explore the struggles of a small community trying to transition from extractive technologies, economies, knowledges and practices and build a new way of living. It is a game about community, difficult choices, solarpunk dreams and anti-capitalist futures. Players will narrate the events of the community and the groups within it as it struggles to overcome the many challenges of climate change and the transition away from capitalism and control by a few to an expanded democracy of communities controlling their lives and futures, together. When you play, you make decisions about the community. Those decisions get recorded on a map that is constantly evolving. Parts of the map are literal cartography, while other parts are symbolic. You will also name and describe the various groups that make up the larger community."

why yes, I do write alt text for all my posts, it's why I'm so sexy

you too can become sexy by writing image descriptions for your posts and encouraging others to do the same
(if you do not wish to become sexy, writing alt text makes you very cool instead)

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