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:plural_heart: carin system ref 

Violet- she/her. Mom energy. demisexual woman. healing magic. Pisces. πŸ’œ
Victor- he/him. big daddy. bisexual man. Leo. πŸ’™
Kissa- she/it. sex magic, catkin. weird aunt. kinky and unbothered by labels. leo. πŸ–€
Glenn- they/he. earth magic. abrosexual genderqueer. pisces. πŸ’š
Sol- he/him. trauma body. ~14 years old. demiboy. cancer. πŸ’›
Ash- she/they. oldest aspect. ~6 years old. no interest in gender/sex. cancer. πŸ’

helping out around the country house. even the off-season harvest is gorgeous.

Hot take on leftist consumerism 

If you can get it for free*, that's better than buying it at a business even if the business is ethically aligned with anti-capitalist/climate change/worker owned ethics.


After a day with mental and physical health challenges, I didn't expect the fortune cookies to speak truth to power.

"For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous" may be the best random fortune I have received in my lifetime.

not letting a cat into a room they want to be in is a war crime (source: my cat)

whenever someone tells me that a war criminal has died i like to say "woopsie" or "oopsie-daisy"

the unioncorn
a mythical creature that comes up to you when you're alone and suggests you start a union

rise and rattle you fucking cattle lets get this cud

Police Reform Suggestion #359: let's just make cops function like bees - if they fire their gun, it rips out their digestive tract and they die.

capitalists sure love the free market right up until that same free market has decided that you can no longer attract employees with shit wages

what if we held hands during the death of america and even kissed 😳 and we were both non-binary,,,, πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜³

Party up front, business execs against the wall

*me looking at me* that's some grade A meat

I made a mistake and got a critically acclaimed bestselling sci fi to read for relaxation instead of self study.

my theory is that there's something particularly psychologically stressful about having to deal with Schrodinger's Audience: when you put something out there, you have to adopt a tone of humility appropriate to only a few people, maybe your close contacts seeing it... but you also have to communicate as though you might be talking to Absolutely Everyone. and you don't really control which.

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My fancy, frivolous frou-frou tuberous begonia has been a joy all summer, but never more than right now, when its rich, red flowers are lit up against a background of senescing witch hazel leaves (β€œDiane”).

#florespondence @plants

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