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Queer Crowdfund Boost+ 

Happy Pride!
Please support a struggling young queer person recovering from capitalism. They need to pay for medical care, groceries, and moving out of their parent's house. They are only asking for about 5k, and I know we can meet this goal if we can boost it to the right eyes. Let's celebrate Pride by taking care of our own.

Cashapp: $BareBones22


I love you 🌈

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fresh tattoo, bare thigh 

take a fucking sip babes

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:plural_heart: carin system ref 

Violet- she/her. Mom energy. demisexual woman. healing magic. Pisces. 💜
Victor- he/him. big daddy. bisexual man. Leo. 💙
Kissa- she/it. sex magic, catkin. weird aunt. kinky and unbothered by labels. leo. 🖤
Glenn- they/he. earth magic. abrosexual genderqueer. pisces. 💚
Sol- he/him. trauma body. ~14 years old. demiboy. cancer. 💛
Ash- she/they. oldest aspect. ~6 years old. no interest in gender/sex. cancer. 💝

I've never done any crimes, and if you shoplift in front of me you haven't either

me, as another bag of pintos falls out of my overalls at Target: but— no look, officer, like I was saying, I've had these all day, they're my support beans. I'm anxious


through the month of july take 40% off EVERYTHING in my shop - including original art!

more items to be added throughout the month

please help support my family as we make a big move to ensure our continued safety and happiness!

if you are so inclined, you can also tip me on ko-fi!

my commissions are also still open, but keep in mind that my commission time is a bit slow right now as i deal with the ins and outs of moving states :blobmelt:

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one of my favorite political compass jokes with one of my favorite comics by @nedroid, joke composed originally by @irlnautica

literally masks make you hotter the same reason bikinis look more naked than nudity, why wouldn’t you do it in public?

Nothing is clear about why this is going on, but it's gotten hilarious (there's a twitter thread). A Vancouver-area radio station has been playing "Killing in the Name" on repeat all day. Still going on.

Joke? Protest? Marketing?

Callers to the request line are having fun with it.Every 4-5 loops they take a "request". You can listen online.

to the dude who just sat between us 

can’t you see this is a Masked Section? ugh

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to the queer goth chick with the wild eyeliner sitting in front of me on the train 


I don't say this to contribute to paranoia needlessly. But please take the time to tighten up once in a while.
While dealing with state repression, here is the first thing I read that actually helped me think rationally about the real threats I was facing. Link to the full article here:

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tumblr/cohost meta 

oh and self moderation stuff like blocking was an ineffective halfmeasure at best. definitely very bad at supporting self moderation, while still being bad at central moderation too, of course.

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tumblr/cohost meta 

imo, as a long time tumblr vet, the problems were:
-a hostile UI that changed frequently and not in the ways the majority of users asked for because
-it was aiming to be more easily monetized rather than more easily navigated
-and it sold out, which quickly restricted its use by sex workers and porn/adult accounts
-while still making the interface one that is a perpetual scroll anger machine, feeding into the “tumblr sjw culture”

so which of those things did cohost fix?

okay wait so you’re telling me, they named it “cohost” but i can’t host my own server?

lmao that’s so two thousand and late…

i’m curious 

what’s camp’s overall covid status? has everyone active on here had it by now? anyone still virginal to the virus???

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