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Crowdfund Request 

I'm making progress with my LMT crowdfund, and my new goal is $7000, and I've extended the due date to March '22.
Please share this link:

I also have school, art, and household supplies on my wishlist, in case you'd like to directly support my work right now:

Any money sent thru these links will also go directly to my school fund:$CarenL0ve


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Farmers Markets and local free food 

Sanctuary Produce Farm
Venmo: SanctuaryProduce

Mudbone Grown
Cashapp: $MudBoneGrownLLC

Growing Gardens

Black Futures Farm

Equitable Giving Circle

Venmo: Meals4Heels

Feed The Mass

Snack Bloc PDX
Venmo: JoopJoopCreative

Wapato Island
Venmo: WapatoIsland


they’re making the grad class in person again, and i’m just mad i have to go all the way to school in the middle of a saturday, just to breathe in the same room administrators and business owners. i’m so tired of being around people already...

does she have <.< >.> 

the lesbeab

is she a lesbian or a bodyworker? is a valid question you should ask in portland.

lewd, school 

keeping your nails short as sapphic culture has helped me adjust to massage work, for sure. i can tell there are no lesbians in my classes.

covid meta 

lmao pour one out for all the illnesses and ailments that just aren’t getting treated because of covid one way or another.

Sort of slopping together these really easy little comics when I have a second is always nice. Really just trying to prove to myself that it’s okay to make things that aren’t that good.

i actually did everything i set out to do today, more even. look at me go.

i did it, I quit MERP. i can finally move on and really focus on foundseed.

I'm going to be passing through Portland in approximately .... checks watch ... 6 hours. folx who I know in the area, message me if you want to meet up as I'm passing through.

In case anybody who makes art in any way needs to hear this today: your process is valid, asking for money for your labor, either directly or for things you created is valid, and whatever you need to do short of harming others to accomplish that is valid as well

i'm really looking forward to reaching the age that i'm no longer considered "sexually viable" because then i can call anyone i want "honey" and they won't take it as flirting no matter how straight they are.

my friend gave me a pink princess prop and i immediately noticed she was the prettiest one in the bunch, but only after i looked her up did i understand what a treasure i’d been given. i really really hope i don’t kill her. it always feels like such a responsibility, receiving plants with sentimental, monetary, or utilitarian value, because my success rate with them seems to be lower than the ones i’m not very attached to.

sometimes i think about how my hands are being shaped by my phone and i get an unhappy feeling in my gut with no good solution for it in my head

without even asking, i have an abundance of pothos and spider plants. my house is going to end up getting “basic house plant that propagates way too easily” bingo very soon.

Thinking about different ways people approach reading their fediverse timelines and decided to post a poll about it

feel free to reply if we missed options, boosts okay

- 🎒 💭

instead of “good morning” i tell my wife about how the plants are doing. she doesn’t care, but i think it’s beautiful.

my juniper bonsai is pale and dry. i should have watered her more. she’s an outdoor and dry climate type... i just hope i haven’t killed her :sadcowblob:

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