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New Year Giveaway 

-You do not need to follow me
-Reply to be entered into the raffle, you will only be entered once for each item.
-You can enter into multiple item raffles but will be removed once you win 2 items.
-Each item will be posted once a day until they are all out, and then raffle selection will begin in the order they have been posted.
-You can enter the raffle for an item until the day the raffle winner is to be pulled.

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Help me pay for school 

I'm a poor queer who can't work through school and will need help staying out of debt. If i can get help paying for school, that means any money I manage to make during the year can safely go to my bills and rent.


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Farmers Markets and local free food 

Sanctuary Produce Farm
Venmo: SanctuaryProduce

Mudbone Grown
Cashapp: $MudBoneGrownLLC

Growing Gardens

Black Futures Farm

Equitable Giving Circle

Venmo: Meals4Heels

Feed The Mass

Snack Bloc PDX
Venmo: JoopJoopCreative

Wapato Island
Venmo: WapatoIsland

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General System Notes 

We are a family, we all look related, and fill familial roles for each other. The parents are deeply in love.
Violet and Victor are our majority-fronters, with Sol being a surprising runner-up, and Ruby following close behind.
We answer to Carin, do not call on us or reference us until you know all of us.
We have been a stable system for at least 2 years now, integration is not our goal, cohesion is. We are only complete together.
We are happy to answer questions.

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I'm not an "x on the driver's license" nonbinary.
I'm a "remove gender from any documentation that doesn't need it" nonbinary.

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strike fund to support care workers and cleaners fighting for:

- a living wage
- sick pay
- annual leave
- extra pay for unsociable hours
- and collective bargaining rights

a win for them is a win for all workers!

It's the one with a bumb foot! Poor thing, he's my favorite.

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Sitting v gingerly at the edge of the bench so as not to disturb the pidgeon having a loaf on the other end.

Showering and meditating instead of being a grimy piece of shit for school someone praise me.

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One bad decision convincing me not to make the other bad decision.
Wild shit i'm pulling these days.

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A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other. #mutualaid

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Selfie w eye contact featuring my cat 

Madonna and child 💀

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That's nothing compared to the occult temple that's closer to Portland. It's got giant idols, big scary gates, black stone pyramids. The works.

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the song was "Last Day of the Year" by the Forever Now. I can't imagine it'll appeal to many other people, but if you too love CHVRCHES and Yumi Zouma and other bands like them, it might:

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lewd but not 

After I bought some new packs of underwear, I kept finding little "QC passed" stickers on my dick and it took me ages to figure out how the fuck "QC passed" stickers were getting stuck to my dick.

Then I figured out that on the new underwear I had bought, the QC stickers were hidden inside the dick-flap.

I knew they were coming from the underwear but I just couldn't find any stickers visible on the inside or outside of the underwear.

How many dick-havers have suffered the fate of their dick passing QC inspection?

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If anyone needs paint swatches/color chips for art projects (or for legitimate house painting purposes, I guess), this brand offers free squares in a variety of sizes and they're gorgeous. No logos or anything on the front side to work around.


Okay, purchased linens for my table and a specific style of romper that i plan to make my "therapist uniform".
Next, i need a replacement face cradle, a real bolster, and a proper squirt bottle for my lotion.

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