The best propaganda is the propaganda you don't notice. Which is why you need to mute and block any/all commercials. Don't just ignore it. They're chipping away at you.
If you can't mute, reply to it. Yes, talk to the tv. Make the fearmongering sound silly, aggressively regect the rhetorical questions, groan when a man is useless at housework. Get the whole car/house in on it.

This is also why you should do your very best to remove any opinions you have for a product from the brand itself.
Asking what brand something is should be a practice of more ethical consumerism in a time when the largest more prolific brands are also the most immoral.
That's it.

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This reminder is mostly for the folks in my generation and after.
Those who saw commercials really take off with television, who only had to deal with bilboards and signs, they already knew that wasn't exactly normal and were able to better compartmentalize it (for the most part).
But we were raised with screens and ads constantly streaming into us from practically day one. If we weren't specifically taught to loathe that noise, we just learned to internalize it.
Don't. It's not normal.

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@Moss we do this as a family. There was a three-commercial run that was so depressing once. Prescription drug, spy on your kids with Amazon, join the air Force

@interneteh hulu commercials are some of the worst examples of late capitalism. They try to do that viral marketting thing yuotubers have really cornered the market in, while also using the old standard formulas of catchy jingles and recognizeable tropes. Allstate has 2 narratives on hulu: act your age, get off your parent's insurance, and then we can't stop you from becoming your parents.
Can I get a fuckin yikes

@Moss @interneteh I don't ever wanna use Hulu ever again, tbh. Not since I found out that even if you're paying for the ad-free experiences, they block you from watching anything if it can't reach its adserver.

Browser, mobile app, whatever. If they can't track you using their ad system, no streaming for you, regardless of what you pay them.

On a side note, I've never had the displeasure of experiencing Hulu's ads, so I'll take that as a net plus.

@Moss @interneteh Ditto. I was piggybacking off a friend. XD

But seriously, AdAway from F-Droid, as well as a hosts file for my desktop has been a lifesaver for making the internet usable for me again.

And any service that denies service if they can't track me for their own profit is a service I'll pass on. To me, pirating is always an option, and unlike capitalists, they understand and respect our right to privacy.

@Moss @interneteh that one has been bothering me forever! like do you want me to be old or not? at least make your brain garbage consistent


This is pretty much my rationale for having all those old adverts online. Though people may not view them for the same reasons that I post them.

Nostalgia creates mental fog for some, but clarity for me. It's so much more obvious how you're being played by the goons in suits when their pet mannerisms are hopelessly dated.

@xenophora i feel like collaging in particular is ad innoculation. For me, I gather up all the magazines and newspapers etc that come across my path. I pull out all the things that are attractive to me, and then I ask myself why I was attracted to it, and create something new in response. It's literally media analysis, visible.
I fucking love collaging as anti-cap catharsis. Making all those words say something new and meaningful. Good shit.


Oh, for sure. But I have 2 accounts: 1 that's collages, & the other that's just me posting the ads and then mocking them in the spirit of MST3K. (Or occasionally liking a work on its own merits enough to skip the sniggering for a few minutes.)

But even if the jokes fall flat, sprucing the pics up helps me keep my photo-altering skills on simmer... even through times when I'm feeling artist block. (But yeah: must stay cautious re: how they're pinging certain things in my head.)

@xenophora i'm glad that works for your process. I personally do my level best not to give any ads any extra attention beyond what they force on me, since thus increases thentotal number of eyes looking at the ad, whether it's to criticize it or not. But that's just my method of trying to keep capitalism out of my head.


Heh. I'm am SO MUCH a product of my time. *Consumerist* itself became kind of a hip buzzword in the 1970s and I even had a 2nd Grade teacher who had us bring ads to school and discuss what they *really* said vs. what we *thought* they said.

(Of course, I think even Ralph Nader ultimately took issue w/the idea that *consumerism* could be a movement detached from any other political context, but there ya' go.)

"four times cleaner that what? what's the unit of measure for cleanliness?"
"up to 100 or more, so literally any number?"
"so this show is popular among insecure men, well that narrows it down"
"so if we buy your insurance, you send a jerk to come wreck our car. got it."
"why yes, my debt does take the form of poorly-superimposed stacks."

@penduin fuckin again this reminds me of another allstate commercial (FUCK allstat tbh) where there's an animated sequence showing a giant manly man, solving manly problems in a giant way, and then flashes down to reality, where "big jim" is actually a squeaky voiced, slim "jamie" and tbh that's queercoding and I really hate how he's cast as somehow less good/effective than the fantastical giant manly man. Fucking gross.

@Moss I'm constantly amazed by the few ads I do see (I have Google Play Music which gets me Youtube Premium for free). The only ads I see are on Twitter and Instagram, and in both places they're often either blatant things I'd never want (business focused) or such obvious scams that I can't help but laugh. But there are apparently millions of people clicking them, and I can't help but wonder what the %ages of clicks to purchases are.

i have a number of ad/script blockers so i hardly ever see anything in the browser, which is where i do most of my... well, consumption, really. on the rare occasions (like this weekend) where i visit my folks and watch Actual Television it's kind of revolting the amount of propaganda people passively receive.

@nicknicknicknick it really is!!! I managed to spent several years basically ad-free and being re-exposed to them is completely jarring! The base assumptions they make about reality are so off-kilter! Like were they always like this? Are they getting worse? Am I getting better? Who knows?

@DialMforMara go ahead. Anything i wish to not be boosted, I make unboostable.

It was not boostable when I first saw it, and now it is. I'm confused. Federation issue?

@DialMforMara oh, weird.... Perhaps! This is a new account, may not have federated with w.s yet? Idk

It works because I talked to you, and I choose to believe that this is because positive social interaction is magic

@Moss Until you just mentioned it, I had never considered how my talking back to commercials was actually a defense against their propaganda. Thanks for bringing this up.

@cstanhope it turns your experience from audience to participant. It's the exact same mechanism that keeps you from talking during a theatre performance.
Social science is Cool and Fun! :moomin_yay:

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