Wasting time is an underrated hobby and I blame our Society.

Wasting time is a Valuable Skill, fite me


[spends 3 days moving a tiny pic of a tricycle around on a comp. and altering its opacity 'til it's *~*just right*~*.]

I'm braver than the troops. ☕

@xenophora the kid playing with bugs in the ditch down the street is contributing more to society than the most influential lobbyist in existence.


So long as the kid is being nice to them. Otherwise we'll wake up one day and that kid'll be our new Police Chief. ☕ ☕

@amphetamine i see some older folks in my neighborhood just... Takin a stroll for the fuck of it. You can tell they are doing it for health or mental faculty reasons but they're just havin a walk. And i just think how cool it would be if everyone on the block could just decide to do that whenever cause they weren't bogged down and they could just look around at shit will nilly.

@Moss when i was a kid we were too poor for much car use especially for me so i did a lot of walking around town, like, a _lot_. and i got to see so many weird things people don't usually see. i think i'd do a lot more walking like that if i could.

@amphetamine this guybi talked to for a bit got rid of his car for financial reasons and he waxed poetic about getting to feel and be a part of the city instead of being a passing obsetver protected by a metal death box.

@Moss *defederates anything and everything having to do with google*

@Moss "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
-- Marthe Troly-Curtin

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