they say when michelangelo was painting the sistine chapel he would spend hours painting and repainting even just a single curve, so he could perfectly capture the simple elegance of each of his anime waifus’ supple tiddys

@red hold on but wasn't it Michelangelo who couldn't carve tits for shit? Or was that davinci?????
One of those tickets was a real useless gay

@Moss haha i hadn’t heard that but that’s hilarious. i’m picturing like when old painters had maybe only ever seen a cat several times before and tried to paint one anyways, except with breasts

@Moss oh my godddd


it literally looks like someone slapped a couple fake disproportionate rubber tittycups on his twink statue

why dude

why disrespect tity like that 😭😭😭

@red there is a theory that Michelangelo was not allowed to or only chose to use Male models. There is also another theory I found that that the person modeling had breast cancer.
I'm p sure he was just way too gay for his own good.

@Moss oh if it is bc cancer, that's actually kind of rad

i'd like to headcanon that explanation, with the add-on that he's also extremely gay (just not in ways relevant to this particular work)

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