Portland aid request 

Andrew Tolman is a dedicated ASL interpreter who's been on the front lines, providing accessible livestreams for years. They do this with no financial support other than what their community provides.
They founded an interpreting group called Fingers Crossed. They have recently asked for donations, as they and their fellow interpreters have been working especially hard these last 50+ days.



Portland aid request 

Andrew got arrested yesterday. I knew it would be a matter of time, I doubt this was their first jail rodeo, but please send them support and follow them on whichever social media you have. They are never armed, never in the middle of skirmishes, or at the front with armor, they are a translator, they are a reporter. They are a member of our community.

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re: Portland aid request 

@Moss Where have I heard that name before...

re: Portland aid request 

@heartles they are an extremely prolific livestreamer, and have been deep in the scene for years and years. They're not afraid of having their name known, and have worked with other Deaf rights activists.

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