i hate how much executive function is required to access mental health services


i was thinking last night, after anxiously remembering i still need to contact my psych, that there should really be a role of “healthcare advocate”.
navigating healthcare websites, insurance lists, making appointments, getting paperwork shuffled around, this is a wholeass job. i wish there was someone with a career around just getting people the care they need and making sure everything is running smoothly and they can pick up their meds, or get that checkup in a timely manner.

@Moss one of the reasons I wanted to like One Medical is that they claimed to do this sort of thing for people, but their execution was always pretty fucking lacking. Instead of having to constantly call specialists for followups, I'd have to constantly call them to get them to call the specialists. And when they did the specialists would get frustrated because of the way that One Medical talked to them.

@Moss And meanwhile the specialaists they did work with were also godawful in other ways and didn't understand the actual conditions I was trying to see them for, but One Medical insisted "these are the ones we work with"

so basically, useless all around



I've had similar thoughts about that in regard to gender transition. Providers & insurers were clueless about (mis)guiding me to find the appropriate paperwork in their own systems, so that part was a huge job I had to do on my own, & the hardest part of my transition. I thought a lot about how it would be cool to use what I had learned in my own transition to be a "transition assistant" (for hire or volunteering) to help people with theirs. I even drew up a rough outline of how that job might work. Like, it could include being a post-surgery caretaker, too, but even just helping with the paperwork, letter-writing, research, & phone calls would make a huge difference.

(Anyway, I would totally volunteer to help any of my friends with this if they want!)

@Moss this was my mom's job in an hmo system, patient advocate (with a team). She also did it for a single primary care office before that. Seems uncommon, I agree with you it should be a regular thing and systematic!

@Moss I've done organizing to allow community to provide it to each other. I know some people who have done this kind of advocacy as charity volunteers and although it's necessary under current models of healthcare for sure, I think it misses a lot of the understanding of needs and boundaries that people in our own communities are more able to grasp for each other.

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