how the fuck do you even figure out that your deltoid is magnetic? that’s obv a symptom you are /told/ and /look for/ because putting magnets on an injection site is the opposite of intuitive.

@Moss as someone with a small magnet implanted in my finger, i know the feeling of a part of your body being magnetic and what it feels like and you don't feel it unless you accidentally brush it over a strong magnet and it gives you the weird overwhelming sensation that very specifically the metal part of you is attracted to said object and only it wants to go but it can't due to being surrounded by non magnetic skin and flesh. so you just feel how badly it wants to yeet itself

@Moss oh my god they can't even begin to imagine what a magnetic force inside their body that big would feel like if they say crossed above a subway gate on a sidewalk or something. also damb that guy who stuck all those spoons to his face must have gotten so many face injected vaccines


@root lmfao like i can imagine what even having small magnetic shards in you (that could pass thru a needle!?!?) might feel like and fuckin i would /not/ be as calm as that lady was about it! wild shit wild shit

incorrect science 

@Moss @root ya'll are ignoring the Magneto potential of if you then shock yourself after magnet injections :yeenthink:

incorrect science 

@yeenbean @Moss pseudo scientists are hard at work developing pre-activated magnetic injections with cbd infused electrons for a delightful zap

incorrect science 

@root @yeenbean ooohhh i heard it’ll balance out all the negative charge in my body’s polarity, too!

@Moss lmao exactly god like lady, do you even realize what kind of massive transhumanism cosmetic surgery breakthrough kinda shit that would be? we wish we could inject magnetism into non magnetic squishy objects. it ain't happenin.

@root people’s belief in the medical and state infrastructure far outreach what these folks are actually capable of and if that ain’t propaganda doing its job idk what is

@Moss @root I've been repeatedly told that the vaccine is an excuse to inject us with super advanced nano tracking chips and it's like, first off this technology doesn't exist yet. And even if it does - you've got a smartphone. They don't need to implant you with anything.

@polychrome @root isn’t that just the thing? these hyped conspiracies actually do the job of more blatant propagnda by misleading people’s attention

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