@Moss did you ever see that turn golf into sex forests thing?

@Moss a local news station did a report on water usage in the las vegas valley and the biggest draw on our drinking water is a lake that refills itself with our drinking supply (for some reason) and they said the "distant second" was golf courses but the 3 golf courses they listed all added up to the water usage of the lake and there are way more than 3 golf courses in this valley

they should honestly just ban golfing (at least on grass) here because it's literally killing us

@violet abolish las vegas water usage that isn’t residential and life-sustaining.

@Moss if they just tore up all the grass that isn't in public parks and built a bunch of public waterparks it'd all consume way less water and would be a marked improvement on the lives of the majority of people here

@violet i want to personally attack mandalay bay and ceasar’s palace and the other places that have fake beaches and huge water shows.

@Moss yeah, i went down to the strip last week with friends and honestly i'd be fine if all of the casinos mysteriously disappeared in the night

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