i was looking up christmas adam and i learned that some well meaning christians thinknit started because “biblically, adam was created first” and i really wish i could pop that bubble.
tumblr trash made christmas adam, you can put your clean little spin on it, but this phrase was invented to aggravate MRAs

no serious replies are allowed on the christmas adam thread

@Moss From the perspective of someone who enjoys collecting and studying Gnostic perspectives on Genesis, it feels a little saddening to see a popular interpretation of the archetypal couple reduced to being pitted against one another.

In Christian lore, it was done so because love for a partner (that exceeds love for God) is a sin, as is knowledge ("Gnosis," which the fruit represents.) Therefore it is the Christian hatred of fun that stands between them.

Here, seemingly, it is a sexual-political battleground that does so.

@Moss oh shit thank you for the reminder! a happy christmas adam to you, too!

@Moss TIL Christmas Adam and Festivus are the same day. Seems appropriate somehow.

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