assiming people have adobe and office and that shit in their home computers is classist

requiring resumes to be in pdf format is classist


But, if I could be 'that guy': Foxit and Openoffice are the dream team :blobowo:

@somarasu i haven't heard of that first one. i do have open office

@Moss Oh ya Foxit Pdf reader. Someone had recommended it to me eons ago and I love it.

@Moss lol yeah, I keep my resume in HTML format so I can "print to PDF" from a web browser

@zenhob i deleted my non-pdf copy because i'm real good at planning ahead


lol we can't even get full-service adobe on all the computers where I work. (And really feeling that right now because I had to flit from desk to desk all last week w/so many other people out.)

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