Several years ago, I made a lace knitting stitch pattern out of the word “friendship” and I also included a plain chart to be used for needlework. It wasn’t a great needlework chart, so I just made some minor formatting changes to the lace instructions, and made a whole new blog post for the needlework.



#knitting #FiberArts #FibreArts @fiberarts

you've heard of "animal vegetable mineral man" what about "animals fungi many bacteria woman"


i do absolutely nothing for the bearded iris that lives here and it does this year after year

practice good mental hygiene

brainwash yourself every once in a while :p

is he cute or is he well dressed and wearing a black mask and glasses?

if you're reading this you should make art today

hey all if you have a few bucks to spare my friend is really struggling right now. she has no food for herself or for her cats, no toilet paper, and no way to pay upcoming bills

i usually don’t boost un-cw’d environment stuff but that’s happening in my own backyard. if you can, please please please support the indigenous-led Fairy Creek Blockade ( or save old growth ( ❤️

help a black person who is leaving an abusive environment get new supplies for their new place!$unperceivejude

need money help, update 

I got 65€, thank you very much <333

help a black trans woman avoid homelessness:


help a black trans man who is recovering from injury and medical mistreatment:

VM: Kenyota-Petersom
CA: $KenyotaPeterson97

there's a garbage patch in the Atlantic ocean so big it can be seen from space (England)

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