Sigrid wrote a guide to OS wide themeing in #plan9, I haven't tried it yet but it's brilliant, creating /dev/theme to serve colors to any application that want to support it.



@neauoire if you can make it look like Mac OS 7.6 I’ll switch

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@Wiley Why 7.6? System 7 was much nicer before the 7.5 patch

@neauoire were there UI changes in 7.5? I think I just ended up using 7.6.1 for a long time and that's the version in my head when I think of 7.

@Wiley yeah they added a couple of things, the finder looks a bit different, and there was this quick access taskbar thing. I'm more of a 7.1 fan

I wouldn't make plan9 look like 7.1, I would rather just straight up use system 7 instead.

@neauoire I would definitely run it in 1 bit mode regardless

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