Maybe that's where we should go. Nice multi-user-dungeons. But like cozy and trusted parties can code in it.

@peregrine that's what I would like to do with paradise too. I don't have a server to test with at the moment, but I'd love to help.


@neauoire @peregrine Paradise was the first thing that attracted me to your work. I would love a good modern MUD platform that’s abstracted enough for weird use.

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@neauoire @peregrine I played around with a python mud framework called Evennia recently-

@Wiley @peregrine I think we have the technology.

I'm very much inspired by the ANTS gridchat which is just a publicly editable .txt file that we can use to chat with, by simply `cat ip/file.buf hello`

I would love something as simple and lean as that with Paradise. I'd have a txt file endpoint that you could just travel to and explore seemlessly with the tiny client.

@neauoire @Wiley @peregrine I'd like to build a gemini-based repl for some small programming language, I think there is a way to read lines of user input and access to that can be limited with client certificates.

For the multi-user dungeon aspect,
entities (vessels in paradise?) could be drawn on a 2d canvas.

@neauoire @Wiley @peregrine

I set up an instance of PennMUSH a couple of years ago for Merveilles. Some people played with it briefly but I'm not sure if Devine tried it.

It does what you are describing. It's like a MUD but every user can program their own scripts, inhabit objects, build the world and add narration, interactive objects, spaces, etc. Connect via telnet. Persistent world with snapshots and backup/restore.

@neauoire @Wiley @peregrine

I could set one up again, if you want. The software to do exactly what you're describing was already made, and is robust and has a multi-user live shared programming environment that's resilient to tampering or resource hogging. (Yes, totally untrusted strangers or people of any trust level can interact with it without having to worry if they can trash it, even while you co-inhabit it.)

@cancel @Wiley @peregrine when was that?! I'd love to try it if you can bring it back online?!

@neauoire @Wiley @peregrine hmm 2017 or 2018, I think.

OK, I can set it up again :)

@peregrine @Wiley It's set up now. DM me and I'll make an account for you and give you the address. I'll give it out further once we're sure it's working properly :)

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