@nicknicknicknick I’ll go one further. It does some stuff that is not in the book that is frankly cooler than the book.

@nicknicknicknick milking a cat with a rat taped to it for the antidote for your poison? RAD. sound-based organ exploder guns? HELL YEAH. Heart-plugs? WICKED.


@nicknicknicknick not to mention lynch understands how to make a single line of dialogue sound like you are either prescient or on a lot of nitrous oxide and you somehow knew it would be said before it is said. Gravitas. The sleeper must awaken. Some of those really nice lines are a paragraph of bloviating in the book.

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@casey @Wiley
i wish i had the critical language/habit to say anything beyond “seemed alright”

(i didn’t quite understand the catrat contraption)

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