@dk I mean it's just them playing guitar over it and going 'hey hey hey hey,' but I love it. Also I listened to it for years on a slowly decaying casette tape, so ymmv.

@dk @casey thinking now about how one of my favorite songs is the Jim and William Reed ‘Christmas Remix’ of Birthday by the Sugarcubes. I like the idea of passing songs back and forth and just adding layers.

@dk @casey oh the album it came from is great. It’s all just her and a Casio. I recommend it.

@dk @casey it’s sweetened a lot. I have a mix that begins with Molly Nillsons version and ends with his so I hear them together often. I think of it as a remix more than a cover.

@casey @dk maybe my headphones are really good or something but I think the Maus version adds a lot.

@casey @dk what, I think it’s nice, it sounds like a duet! I like both versions a lot.

@nicknicknicknick not to mention lynch understands how to make a single line of dialogue sound like you are either prescient or on a lot of nitrous oxide and you somehow knew it would be said before it is said. Gravitas. The sleeper must awaken. Some of those really nice lines are a paragraph of bloviating in the book.

@nicknicknicknick milking a cat with a rat taped to it for the antidote for your poison? RAD. sound-based organ exploder guns? HELL YEAH. Heart-plugs? WICKED.

@nicknicknicknick I’ll go one further. It does some stuff that is not in the book that is frankly cooler than the book.

@nicknicknicknick there was a really good fan cut called the third stage cut that reincorporated cut footage and fixed a lot of third act mess but it’s only in SD.

@nicknicknicknick yeah it’s incredible. Also the shields are maybe my favorite visual effect + sound design ever.

@nicknicknicknick for all it’s faults, it’s still one of the best cast and costumes movies ever made. Just starts fast forwarding itself about 3/4 of the way through.

@neauoire @peregrine I played around with a python mud framework called Evennia recently- gemsmud.city:4001

@neauoire @peregrine Paradise was the first thing that attracted me to your work. I would love a good modern MUD platform that’s abstracted enough for weird use.

@neauoire I would definitely run it in 1 bit mode regardless

@neauoire were there UI changes in 7.5? I think I just ended up using 7.6.1 for a long time and that's the version in my head when I think of 7.

@neauoire if you can make it look like Mac OS 7.6 I’ll switch


I would also like to do this. I try and buy as much bandcamp as I can but I am poor and I sure do miss oink and waffl.es... I had thought about setting up some kind of fancy dat torrent tracker think for books and music for close friends but I keep putting it off...

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