nevermind its not gonna map followers automatically (dunno why i thought it did). find me at and thank you again

hello! i just moved over here from and wanted to briefly introduce myself. i'm everest- i'm an artist working in software and games, and on paper making drawings. you can find my work at

i'm non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

right now i'm traveling for opportunities full-time and not based anywhere, but i'm originally from rural texas (and i usually i remember to update my profile with where currently i am).

looking forward to being here--

hiya-- i'm gonna migrate this account over to to focus more on projects and creative work, and rejoin on locked for friends/life stuff. if you wanna keep up w me for studio things you don't have to do anything! but if we're close and you wanna hear about my cat, and feelings, look for me again

catch me at the club on saturday night crying at the youtube compilation of all the breath of the wild cutscenes i never found

i'm redoing my website design and i'm using <frames> in 2018 like a monster

catch me at the club on friday night carefully picking the lichen off the logs before i put them on the fire

my nanogenmo poetry book is done- terse poems embedded in dense fields of unicode characters- i'm happy with how it turned out.

the pdf is available here -->

it was some broken error handling that didn't trigger enough to be obvious and didn't throw an actual error, just generated poems about pixies, monsters, demons, apollo, devil lore, etc at atypical rates and i could not figure out why for a good 15 minutes

i had a slightly unparseable nanogenmo bug where i kept going down a concept-net rabbit hole about pixie dust, turns out pixie dust is a related concept to 'undefined'

a gallery offered to buy a custom keyboard to show one of my games and this has kicked me off into another 4 hour research spiral about what mechanical key switch is best, aaaaa i can't afford this hobbyyyy, i mostly use a laptop, why do i love them so muchh

some unmanipulated text from the corpus i'm scraping for my nanogenmo ideas. i'm just in love with the vibe of it. if you guess where its from without googling phrases i'll be so impressed!!

here's a church nearby in the process of being totally rebuilt. i love maps a lot and i enjoy exploring places in this way. it's just a shame that this massive beautiful 3D dataset is owned by a corporation. is great for 2D maps though and you should use it!

us pol / general bad 

us pol / general bad 

also the way the entire house's lights flicker when you press print

dragged my horrible old laserjet printer from 2002 outta my parents basement to print some zines and the awful squeak it makes when you hand-feed it single sheets has got me all nostalgic

nobody got hurt and i’m not sad about it btw!! its what happens when you live on an undammed river. its just likeYEAH i get it, time passes on and we all grow and change, okay, geeez

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