glad I finally realized that severance is a different show than succession (which looks boring to me). for an apple original this show is a HARD dunk on corporate culture

is all free market logic invalidated by the existence of marketing? it's a finger on a scale that's supposed to be self-balancing...

continuing my long spread out watch of "century of the self" ... adam curtis is a bad bitch

precariously toting my tomato and pepper seedling trays across the house, one in each hand, like a busy waiter carrying two pizza pies across a trattoria

lewd heavy metal outfits 

I just found out about this wendy o williams album cover from 1984. I would like to express my general support for everything that's going on here

they ended up out of order. actualy chickweed > creeper/buckeye > mugwort > fleabane

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check out these wind-dispersed plants that found their way into my rooftop containers over the winter! some very invasive lol

ltr: some kind of chickweed, mugwort, fleabane, and either Virginia creeper or maybe buckeye?

by way of intro im here to talk about jojos bizarre adventure

oh man its been so long i dont know if i know anyone anymore but hi i'm back because of the reason

mastodon got so pretty since I've been gone???

it's true @darius called me out for leaving mastodon but I genuinely enjoy being here so joke's on him

happy new year camp :) my first resolution is to try new cooking projects, including fermenting giardeniera and following thru on my idea for tofu yassa

hi sorry I haven't been tooting here's my favorite bitmoji

I accidentally removed admin privileges from the only user on my Mac lol. it's God's computer now

I'm reading Akata Witch and listening to Kate NV on my brand new futon in a sunny window rn, enjoying a (very rare) rare sense of tru calm and focus 🌥️


I'm not rly a person for whom "out"ness makes sense or feels important, tho I understand exactly how it can for others. but since I don't know most of y'all in person it's prob worth saying I'm a trans lady and that's a major part of my whole Thing! 😘

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