About to start another short hacking sprint here. If you are just tuning in, a reminder here that I am working on a stand-alone single-player #Fediverse server with the goal of making it quite "easy" to run on a service like Glitch.

I started working on this on Friday morning. So far I have a working service that can send and receive posts, follow people, like posts, and display threads. All backed by JSON files on disk.

I've written 1613 lines of node, css, html and javascript. Started with @darius excellent reference implementation, then built my own by reverse engineering his.


It aint pretty (yet) but I have figured out the basics of working with #ActivityPub and have a workable UI.

OK what's up for the next hour or two? We'll see what I can do but these are some items on my shortlist...

- ability to render incoming boosts in my timeline
- Some work to do on providing the various collection endpoints, such that your client can pull my likes, followers, etc.
- A UI for following people
- public front door

cw covid 

Excellent. Testing positive again and developed a new cough and sore throat. I thought I was going to miss only one week of work but now with another positive test it will be three weeks. No new bags in time for Christmas 👎🏽

I just passed 500 straight days of Duolingo 😎 I love streaks

I mistakenly posted this locally, but my introduction was how I stopped being a software engineer in 2019 (some say 2018 😄) and after trying a lot of different things I settled on making bags. I make all kinds of bags, backpacks, totes, and wallets.

It’s a lot like software development—slower in some places, faster in others. But it provides me with the one thing I enjoy doing which is thinking about making things people want to use. I’m sold out of everything here but shop.torrez.org/

cw cv 

First day where I feel above 90%. Sore throat and sore joints but I feel like myself again. I think starting Paxlovid on day one really saved me a lot of hassle as it never really hit my lungs which was the concern.

I have COVID this week. Just a thing I’m doing. LOL ugh.

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