I mistakenly posted this locally, but my introduction was how I stopped being a software engineer in 2019 (some say 2018 😄) and after trying a lot of different things I settled on making bags. I make all kinds of bags, backpacks, totes, and wallets.

It’s a lot like software development—slower in some places, faster in others. But it provides me with the one thing I enjoy doing which is thinking about making things people want to use. I’m sold out of everything here but

@andre can endorse Andre’s work, I’m a very satisfied customer of a bike bag that looks like a slice of pizza and holds my wallet and keys 🍕 🔑 ✨

@andre so cool. After 26 years doing web development I’m finding it hard to do something completely different. I would be interested how you made that change.

@gicela Full disclosure: I was a very early employee at Slack. So I was able to make that change through pure luck. I too spent about 25 years in software development which paid REALLY well, but I still don’t think it would have ever been possible for me to be honest.

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