Ice Tunnel
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This one came in at exactly 280 chars. The last few took me ages to shave off!

p={{85,21,17,16,0,5},{102,22,17,29,221,214},{119,199,204,207,255,247}}f={6746,13260}l=flr::_::for d=0,17do
z=t()*3k=d+z%1fillp(f[1+l(d/9)])for a=z,z+1,.02do
flip()goto _


//#p5t #つぶやきProcessing

if you missed my LGF Fuser performance and want to see it (or just want some high energy tunes to bop to), you can check it out here! loads of fun footage edited like an irl concert, featuring sound reactive lights, human/avatar outfit syncing, and a cute lil interview about my process

i made a mashup EP! it’s called Jaw Bra--20 minutes of high-energy throwback bops to get you thru winter lockdown ❄️💖

arranged in Fuser, lightly edited in Audacity.

hope you enjoy! xoxo

Also, for the fediverse folks who found this thread through , thank you for sending follow requests, but I'm pretty private on this account.

If you want to see my art, I just made a public mastodon account:

You can also follow me on twitter where I'm pretty active:

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I'm going for it! I'm creating a small store to sell plotter drawings! Big thanks to @janelastname & @mewo2 for giving me advice and helping me get setup!

Currently selling 5 of my pieces here:

The code to generate them guarantees that all prints are unique!

If there's anything in this thread that you want that's not listed there, please contact me directly at!

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Day 31 of on the plotter!

Fault Lines

I might be recovering from surgery, but I wasn't going to miss the last day of the month.

Coded this one up yesterday and printed it today.

I've had such a blast making these and it's been so lovely that people have reached out about wanting to own some of them. I think I'll be setting up a little shop soon!

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Day 30 of on the plotter

Field Lines

Plotted this a few days ago. I like the vibe of this one, but it feels a bit muddy. I'd like to try this with some colors that contrast a bit more, but I'm still recovering from surgery and don't want to hunch over the plotter. Something to come back to.

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Day 29 of on the plotter!


The print got messed up on the final color and only got halfway through, but honestly it was already getting kinda busy so I think it was a blessing.

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Day 28 of on the plotter!

Thorn Box

Started out working on spiral patterns but ended here.

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Day 27 of on the plotter!

Hard Candies

Very happy with this one! I'm always really enamored with plotter prints that seem to simultaneously have order and noise. My attempt at trying to hit something like that.

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Day 25 of on the plotter!

Some offset triangles.

Some printing errors along the top which are annoying me, but can't go wrong with a little moire

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Day 24 of on the plotter!


Very happy with the texture from the pen starting and stopping on the long strokes.

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Day 23 of on the plotter!

Foggy Moon

I like the vibe on this one, but there are some technical aspects of it that bug me.

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I feel like the trails really show off Clyde's unusual behavior.

Also, shoutout to The Pac-Man Dossier, probably the piece of technical games writing I come back to more than any other.

If you want to make a pac-man clone (and you should! It's a joy to program!) this paper is invaluable.

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Day 22 of on the plotter

I adore the path finding logic of pacman and I've been working with it a bit for an upcoming project that seemed ripe for plotting!

Here's the level 1 maze, extruded to be made of a few layers, with the paths of pac-man and the ghosts traced out.

The ghost logic is identical to the original with the exception of adding a 3rd dimension (a feature the original rules allow for very easily). In this version Pac-man just goes for the nearest pellet.

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Day 21 of on the plotter

Two takes on some bezier shapes. Thought I would like the multicolor one more, but I think I prefer the black version.

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