Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.

All info on the submission page (heads up, google forms):

@casey @aparrish This is exactly what Jane and I did. Definitely the longest series that we've watched twice.

@uglymachine @nasser I just got the joke. And I even faved it previously. Just agreed with it as a concept I guess.

@tripofmice My brother and his wife are like this. I never appreciate how critical it is until I travel with them and the snack situation is fantastic.

@jonbro hey i should be listening to dopesmoker right now

agitprop + dealing with spam 

@nasser really set you up for that didn't I

agitprop + dealing with spam 

@nasser Rojava is the free space on Ramsey bingo.

(this is great)


Caribbean Green
Now we're sharing the same dream
And our hearts they beat as one
No more love on the run

motorcycle diaries 

@nasser wet ride, take it easy

game boy color repair/mod 

@aparrish I love seeing these updates!

@casey I love this. Feels like I'm entering a cheat code.

@darius I'm really feeling this scrolling through twitter. 95% of the bot art posts I see are just something that is funny because the text is funny. "Waluigi commemorative dinner plate" is just a (pretty solid) weird twitter post that you had a bot illustrate. The image doesn't add much beyond being an impressive tech demo.

Looking forward to whatever the next step is.

@nasser I can't find the brad neely comic with the God Babies focus group, but imagine I posted that here

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