"This is getting out of hand," I think, even though I'm getting four more this week.

By the way, I suspect it was mislabeled it since the Ctenanthe oppenheimiana and Stromanthe sanguinea are EXTREMELY similar to each other. Upon close examination, I think mine is actually the latter!

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It came from São Paulo so I'm quite surprised that only a couple of leaves are damaged.

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This plant is going to break my heart, I can feel it.

My rule for houseplants and cachepots: they only get one if they're still alive by the end of our first month together.

Trimmed my nails and it feels SO GOOD to type comfortably again.

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:blobhappy: I want longer nails to be able to create cool nail art
:blobglare: I want shorter nails because the sensation of longer nails hitting the keys when I'm typing makes me uncomfortable

I died inside trying to find this setting on Thunderbird, so I'm sharing it here: if you want to prevent Thunderbird from automatically marking messages as read, go to Preferences > General > Reading & Display and uncheck "Automatically mark messages as read".

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