Anna versus Wayland 

I contacted ZSA and they suggested a couple of things I’ll try tomorrow, but this whole thing is puzzling me. 🙃

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Anna versus Wayland 

I re-flashed my Moonlander via Wally and Chrome, even, and it didn’t help. Interestingly, my Lily58 Pro works flawlessly under Wayland—Auto Shift and all.

Another curious, although expected thing I noticed is that Auto Shift does work with apps under XWayland. It definitely looks like it’s a Wayland thing.

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Anna versus Wayland 

A few weeks ago, my Moonlander Mark I stopped working as expected… under Wayland. I say so because under X and Windows 10, it works perfectly fine—on a Wayland session, however, Auto Shift will either be very inconsistent or straight up fail to actuate.

I switched computers (although both are running Fedora 36 Workstation), nada. I tried many iterations of different cables to no avail; Auto Shift was failing and I couldn’t figure out why.

Slowly blinking LEDs 

We also got ourselves a cable tester to make sure we don’t find out one of them is faulty hours after putting so much effort into this whole operation.

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Our TV will finally have its own Ethernet cable—no more relying on spotty WiFi! 🎉

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Spending our Friday night replacing our Ethernet cables. 😬

Questions for scholars who study hate speech or hate communities:

How do you interact with and sample/archive this material safely from a tech perspective?

Also, how do you deal with the emotional distress from lurking these communities, reading their speech, interacting with them, &c?

Boosts appreciated.

pandemics won't be solved by relying on personal responsibility any more than climate change will. boycotting plastic straws and individually wearing a face covering isn't a replacement for systemic change. don't let those with power shift your anger away from them

Today's gender is fulfillment and the sound of waves crashing.

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