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- Say that your code of conduct is just "use your best judgment".

- Realize that the concept of "best judgment" isn't universal and leaving it that way is a disastrous decision. Spend some time writing a code of conduct to make sure everyone can participate in your community safely. Think of effective ways to respond to incidents.

Be a good ally. This is exactly the kind of situation in which you have the power to make a positive change in your community.

This is one of the reasons why working remotely is such an isolating experience.

Working remotely is this weird experience of collaborating with people from different parts of the world weekly and developing a close relationship with them even though you may never meet them in person, "in real life".

i'm 100% done with winter, can we get to spring already

Just to clarify: we haven't printed our version yet, I got the original expert brochure released in English. Ours is being taken care of by a designer as we speak and we are still trying to figure out the logistics (but it's coming out soon!).

Here's what they sent me:
- A whole bunch of stickers from different campaigns.
- One copy of the Public Money Public Code brochure (that's the one thing I was really looking forward to receiving!).
- Flyers on surveillance, F-Droid, free software, DRM.
- A good amount of promotional posters from different campaigns.
- Three postcards.

The promotional material I requested from FSFE just arrived and it's quite surreal to hold the brochure I've just translated to Brazilian Portuguese!

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Wait, Mastodon supports audio only posts now, right? And you can also subscribe to a Mastodon account through RSS, right? 🙂 Would that be a valid podcast you could add to a podcast client? 🤔😊

#Podcast #Mastodon #MastoDev #FOSS

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#Gab's Scamming Users for "Pro" Features 

I was one of those people who were always perceived as someone with an artistic vein and it frustrates me to no end that I haven't had the time to use my tech skills to reconnect with that part of myself.

2020 resolution: work less, make art with tech.

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one time my sister was paying the tab at a bar and she briefly made flirty eye contact with someone on the other side of the room. she wanted to go chat them up after paying the bill.

except there was no other side of the room. the wall behind the bar was mirrored, and she just saw her own reflection like "who's she??👀 "

anyway i'm partway through making fun of her for the rest of my life, and that process requires telling this story publicly every so often. thx for reading! have a good day!

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Dear fediverse, will you help me find a thing? I'm looking to buy some bowls that I've seen at Korean restaurants. They're usually made of brass. I either can't find them at all, or they're so ridiculously expensive that no restaurant would use them.

Does anyone know an "asian" restaurant supply store that ships in Germany? I would prefer not to use Amazon.

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Serious Question; Please Boost; Ghosts and Creepy Shit 

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here's 20 full seconds of nothing but one of my cats vocalizing for my attention in flac format in case that's what anyone needed today

Second day in a row I'm able to prepare our lunch without feeling like I'm about to die. 🍳

i guess it's time to go out and collect more

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had to remove all stickers from my laptop and a few of them got so damaged i won't be able to reuse; most of those are also unique or event specific so there's no way i'm getting another one, fuck

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