It finally happened: my city has a PyLadies chapter!

I haven't published any content in English yet, but after a tweet of mine about PulseAudio got a good amount of attention, I've finally decided to create a blog to post "Today I learned"-y posts.

seriously, depending on how things go from now on that may have saved me a few hundred bucks in possibly pointless purchases

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did y'all know PulseAudio has a noise cancelling module or am I the only person on Earth that's actually surprised and overjoyed

that meme of that guy screaming "let me in! let me in!"

but he's actually me

and I'm actually stuck behind those bars screaming "let me out! let me out!"

and the place I'm stuck in is my own country

and all while my country is *on fire*

Nothing makes me cry as quickly as trans kids getting unconditional love and support from their parents.

I just read one now that had a paragraph towards the end that read:

“But then I stopped crying. Because as much as I feel I’ve struggled, it will be so much harder for her. And while we already have a few people in our lives who are vocally unsupportive - we have an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING group of people that have never made her feel more loved.”

A parent that gets it. A parent that knows it isn’t about them.

BR politics 

Listening to that video made me physically sick. Add that to a statement made by a general that basically says everyone's playing with fire and you have a very, very terrified person typing this post.

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BR politics 

The main subject here is Bolsonaro's interference in investigations involving his family. But that's just the beginning of one hour or so of absolutely terrifying statements.

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BR politics 

Watch the news tonight, one more Brazilian scandal is happening in real time. The Supreme Court has released a video of one of Bolsonaro's ministerial meetings that has so many awful things it's hard to list them all.

Ayn Rand 

Someone thought it would be a good idea to pay for a dozen or so billboards in Brazil with the phrase "Who is John Galt?" in the middle of a pandemic because that's exactly what we need right now, right? Right? 🙄

Hello fediverse. What are some of your favorite questions to ask during a job interview when you are the interviewee?

Job hunting 

Can't wait to start having dreams about actual work.

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Job hunting 

Character development is when you stop having dreams about replying to recruiters and start having some about interviews, eh?

On the final stretch of developing Fortunae, the offline-first personal finance tool. I'm completely exhausted but I feel like this product is actually going somewhere.

BR politics 

apparently people are trying to reclaim national symbols from conservatives starting with putting 🇧🇷 emojis on their names on Twitter and no one can convince me that this isn't either (1) conservatives trying to manipulate the perception of the general public or (2) white people failing to understand we're better off abandoning those symbols altogether, please let them die

tfw you have to buy more things to get rid of things

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