Least productive day in weeks thanks to a persistent headache. 🙃

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After reading the comments of the acting FSF president, I can conclude that the "S" in FSF stands for sexism.

Shower thoughts: journaling on Linux and Android edition 

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I'm regrettably no longer able to offer my RSS to ActivityPub converter to the general public. This is because:

- it's wildly popular and my hosting costs keep going up for it
- it's been getting used for more and more purposes I'm uncomfortable with, which I've tried to mitigate but new ones keep popping up

I'll be releasing a new version soon that will let admins allow only people with permissions (either a user/password or a Mastodon account) to create new feeds.


I will repurpose all notebooks I currently own to language studies (as writing by hand definitely helps me with learning them), but now I have come up with a digital solution that is OS agnostic and ideally doesn't depend on external servers.

One of the reasons why I tried to keep journaling on paper is the lack of good journaling apps that don't require an account to use them... But I'm also getting a bit conscious about planning more personal aspects of my life on paper and frankly, I don't like the idea of using so many notebooks to write ephemeral information.

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This is your reminder that the thing you are working on, the hard one you are struggling with that seems to be going nowhere—you’re doing great.

It may not seem like it, but you are.

Progress is rarely linear and visible in the hardest things in our life, but often we look back at those times where struggled the hardest and suffered the most and realized those were times we grew. A lot.

You’re growing right now, and it hurts.

So be kind to yourself.

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