My partner turned on our ceiling fan and his computer turned on as well. He then disconnected his new keyboard, tested it again... And nothing happened. 馃

Planning my next haircut, I'm progressively shaving more and more areas until I have no choice but shave it all.

tfw you find a software that solves a really specific issue you have but it hasn't been maintained in years.

The gender today is the smell of coffee and sound of rain.

You need a gender? I'll mail it to you. Any gender, just let me know. I'm the Gender Sender.

Nueva instancia chilena 

Dear new mastodon users: a lot of us are wary of spam and/or data collection bots so please make at least one post before following anyone thanks

2020 Anna is going to be so much cooler than I am.

Me: *sends a pic of a calico cat I saw on Mastodon to my mom*

Mom: So cute! Who's the owner?

Me: *thinks about explaining the whole concept of the fediverse and how I often see pics of cats from strangers online*... It's a friend of mine, mom.

The FidoNet chapter from BBS: The Documentary (2004) is I think required viewing for fediverse admins.

Bulletin board services (BBSes) were pre-web online communities with forums, mail, games, etc. FidoNet was/is basically a volunteer-run federation layer that let BBSes communicate with each other.

The video talks about FidoNet's growing pains, especially around governance & a mismatch between what users wanted and what the sysops felt was required to maintain the net.

Thought about posting this again because we went to the grocery store to grab a few things for lunch and we saw him again! This time there was a old lady with him trying to see if anyone was home to let him in. He ran to us to greet us (such a sweet boy 馃槶) and she asked us if he was ours (I wish). I find it a bit funny how worried a few people get when they see him waiting for his owners, if he decides they are taking too long he'll just take that as an opportunity to go exploring. :blobhappy:

鈿狅笍 Warning: I'm a bit loud in this video. I just couldn't help myself.

I decided to share this again as a federated post because it's just that good:

There's a black dog who lives in a block nearby who is a pretty independent boy. He goes on walks by himself two to three times a day and we always pet him when we see him. This is from a few days ago, we were passing by his house (he was waiting for his owners to come back and open the gate for him) and had to stop for a bit. 鉂わ笍

Holographic nails became my personal fidget spinner. Need a break from work? Look at my fabulous nails! On my way to university? Look how they shine in the sunlight! Waiting for an elevator? *moves hands around to see how current lighting conditions affect my nails in different angles*.

This is cursed:

Nicolas Cage to star as Nicolas Cage in film about Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to play himself in a film about him trying to land a role in a new Quentin Tarantino movie.

The meta-sounding film, titled Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, is undergoing final negotiations to be picked up by Lionsgate, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Good morning beautiful faces :QueerCatHeart:.

馃摲: I love Switzerland 馃嚚馃嚟.

I know it's a long shot, but anyone know of good places to search for work from home/remote jobs that aren't IT-related?


I鈥檓 writing an article on the subject, but as a blind guy, I鈥檓 getting really really tired of people speaking for me. If you do accessibility or UX and really want to know what I want, or 鈥渘eed鈥, or what works best for me, then ask me.

There's so many cloud services, I haven't seen the sun service in weeks!

Begpost, college fees 

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