Me: I'm doing this to improve this website's loading speeds and overall performance
Google Lighthouse: Actually, it's worse now

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this person open sourced their game and wrote up a pretty good thing about the whole process of making it (with Lua) which should be accessible to anybody with some programming basics / done some Lua basics tutorials

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When you have to read long texts (for instance, a blog post), you prefer to read it with a _____ font


I'll always remember this pandemic as that time companies and organizations proved that they were always completely capable of implementing every single thing disabled people have asked for in the past, but actively chose not to do so.

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Still bitter about that company that told me they couldn't hire me because they "needed someone working closely with all teams" at their office in São Paulo, but as soon as the pandemic hits quickly implements a "work from home" policy.

I've also found out that settings are stored in little containers according to the resolution I choose to use (and that I also have to deal with resolution incompatibility between my ThinkPad and my TV if I want to use full HD.) Oof.

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Calibrating a TV to use it as a primary monitor is harder than I thought.

Me: Since I can't seem to find a good calendar app, why not use a notebook?
My back pain and visual impairment: I'd like to have a word or two with you

I got so used to a reality in which my professional work would never be relevant to my academic work that I didn't think much of it when I finally switched to Information Systems.

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It's a tad weird when certain containers of my life "merge"—I was so used to keeping my professional life and my academic life far from each other I didn't realize things would become very different when I switched to a major more aligned with what I do.

Our director saw me speak publicly in 2018 (at the first Workshop ADAs my now faculty promoted). I was still a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, and my work and major didn't exactly mix very well.

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Seeing the director of my faculty complimenting my work isn't exactly something I thought it would ever happen, whoa.

This actually makes me worry even more about how the dynamics of emergency remote classes will play out in August—a friend who is a university professor was just telling me that for every 1.5 hours she spends giving a lecture remotely she feels as tired as she felt when she did it on campus for 3 hours in more normal times. This is totally a new kind of exhaustion nobody was ready for.

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I spent nine hours creating an one hour workshop that was livestreamed—so I didn't have to worry about editing or anything like that—and I felt completely drained afterwards. I don't think I'll be able to do anything this weekend but trying to recover from this.

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I deeply admire those who are constantly participating in or creating audio and/or video content—being in that position once in a while is already quite exhausting so I can't imagine how tiring it can be to ✨ create ✨ on a regular basis, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

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