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Exhaustion and burn out 

HRT doesn’t have to always be about “switching” your place in a gender binary. It can literally just be a way to change your body as you see fit, it really shouldn’t be inherently gendered.

reminder to not leave your glasses on your bed or you may accidentally break them

i think today's the first day i don't feel like staying in bed all day

twitter: "whoa that's such a bad take... let me quote retweet it a whole bunch of times."

i wish i was feeling as tired as i was four hours ago because it's almost 11 PM and i can't sleep

every year i hope this will be the year we'll finally abandon twitter

throwing a bit of shade 

hot take: it doesn't matter if hacking in movies is realistic, as long as it gets the gist of what it's like and looks cool

Brazilian politics 

Brazilian politics 

Brazilian politics 

Blindness, language limits 

i remember reading a thread on here that was like "there should be a shirt that says 'CW: Boobs;" on it and i don't remember who it was that wanted it but here you go i made it. it's in Roboto and everything, to maximize that Mastodon feel.

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