Brazilian politics 

“Bolsonaro being part of Freemasonry, which seemingly is frowned upon by his evangelical supporters” wasn’t on my bingo card for this presidential race.

I was born early in the morning so it’s only fair I wake up very early today.

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Hey, it’s my birthday! I survived another year under this awful government and a pandemic! Yay!

Overhearing Peaky Blinders 

What I’ve gathered from this series so far:
• People walking
• People walking in slow motion
• People walking in slow motion with some pop culture song playing in the background


Eyeing this beautiful botanic inspired dress. 🥺

Brazilian politics adjacent 

My partner got into a fight with him over text over that and his, well, former friend said some really horrifying bullshit.

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Brazilian politics adjacent 

One of my partner's childhood friends outed himself as a big Bolsonaro supporter and we're still not over it.

Thoughts after exercising 

This is going to hurt tomorrow.

Writing about zoom tools on macOS and GNOME… And realizing that many of the pages related to GNOME’s zoom tools haven’t been updated in a decade. 😬

October is Blindness Awareness Month, AMA! Fun facts to start:

93% of people with sight loss have some level of sight, even if it's just telling the difference between light and dark.

Braille users are pretty rare (I've heard different percentages but all in single digits) so don't think slapping Braille on everything means you're done with accessibility.

We tend to be very poor. 75% of working-age blind people in the UK don't have jobs. People think being blind means we can't do most things.

Wow, this is very interesting. Smalltown is a new fork of Mastodon specifically for civic communities looking to host their own social media. It is being developed at Ethan Zuckerman's lab at UMass Amherst.

(It's explicitly inspired by Hometown and very nicely links to my Patreon on their github, too.)

But hey, it looks like my monitor will the delivered on the 10th! Yay!

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The downside of the iOS/macOS integration is getting a call in the middle of a meeting and stressing out about (1) telling your teammates you need to take a call (2) muting yourself on that meeting (3) accepting the call BEFORE they hang up on you.

Looking for a senior engineer to join me on the Performance Team at Wikimedia Foundation, working on the open-source MediaWiki #PHP platform that powers Wikipedia.

(Feel free to DM or email me, ask anything!) #flossjobs #fossjobs #GetFediHired

Brazilian politics 

A friend of mine was telling me a couple of travesti candidates got elected. _Those_ are some good news!

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Brazilian politics 

The first round of elections has been declared mathematically decided, second round for president.

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Brazilian politics 

Congress is full of terrible people. It’s going to be some rough couple of years.

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