Fediverse, I need you to help me: I want to buy a reliable, easily maintainable laptop with great compatibility with Linux. I live in Brazil so any alternative like Purism are out of question as they are too expensive to import. Any ideas?

I tested Pop OS on my laptop but that led me to another set of problems that are making me lose my mind. My laptop wasn't made for Linux and it's time to plan to sell it and buy a new one.

@anna If you can get a thinkpad you can't go wrong with thinkpad.

@Deiru Do you have specific models in mind or absolutely any of them are really good?


This is a pretty good place to compare the models and some relative prices (don't know applicable to brazil).

In general thinkpads are all good (aside from very new ones (so older models are a go)) and are also very resilient. My friend's thinkpad is in unbelievably bad shape, but it still works and works well.

To put in perspective the "bad shape" one of my friend is T420, I asked. Has a flat door hinge instead of one of it's hinges but still works.

Thinkpads also have very good linux support:

@anna I second the advice for going with a thinkpad. I always hear good things about them but I never personally owned one.

You can also search for things like Ubuntu/rhel certified laptop for lists but in general used thinkpads are a great option, I just bought one
As far as I know, the best ones for Linux are the T series, I got T470p but I wasn't looking for a specific model, I was looking for a bargain :)

@anna thinkpads really are the way to go imo. you can get them used/refurbished extremely cheap since companies tend to buy them in bulk and retire them just as quickly. definitely need to be careful about compatibility, especially with newer ones. T series is probably the safest bet. avoid nvidia optimus unless you like hanging out in BIOS settings

@anna Thinkpads! I have three quite old Lenovo Thinkpads that are rock solid.

X200 running Debian XFCE

X61S running Trisquel-Mini 8.0

X61 running FreeBSD 11.2

Another plus about older Thinkpads is they're quite modular, and easily repairable.

In all of the above machines, I put in a cheap 120 Gb SSD which really improves their performance.


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