Hi Fediverse! I'm a tech writer working with Open Collective thanks to Google Season of Docs and we are considering leaving GitBook for something more open that could hopefully be integrated with a version control system like Git and also provide automated deployments. Any ideas? I've heard good things about Read the Docs and I'm a long time Hugo user, but I want more options!

Thank you so much for your replies! I deeply appreciate them. Those suggestions gave me a lot to think about.

@anna I'm going to refer you to @trechnex who works with documentation stuff, and wrote a fanatic recommendation for Florence!

@anna @maloki if you have other questions feel free to let me know 🙂

@anna mdBook? The Rust team is using it for almost everything.

@juliobiason Someone else told me it's a re-implementation of GitBook? That would be fantastic. Thank you!

@anna what exactly do you mean by "more open?" There is a re-implementation of gitbook called mdbook ( that is fully open-source and licensed under the MPL

@balrogboogie As far as I know, GitBook as it is now is proprietary. It has a lot of limitations and their a11y sucks so. much.

@anna ah, got it, I suppose that explains the existence of mdbook then

@anna Tagging in @wraithan who has done docs stuff in the past, but not sure how active he is on Mastodon these days

@anna some fedi project switched to MKdocs recently

@anna I can't recommend it because I've just gotten started looking at it myself, but Pollen looks interesting to me:

@anna do you need diagrams of any sort in the documentation? I hope not, since that would be troublesome a bit. Embedding SVG is not always what one wants.

I liked mkdocs and readthedocs but I really would love to learn full power of things like metapost or tbl/pic from the troff world. From that world, pretty happy with mandoc.

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