Difficult questions on organizing your life as a bilingual person with many commitments in both languages:

• Notes are written in the language that part of my life is connected to, but should I keep a personal diary in English or Portuguese?

• Should I make a post about this cool thing I found on the internet in English or Portuguese?

• Which language should I choose when making an important announcement when I want to share it with friends that speak only one of the languages I know?

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(In the end, my notes, my life, everything ends up in a bilingual mess.)

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@emacsomancer It makes things a tad more difficult sometimes! Both. Both is always an option.

As for posts and announcements, that ultimately depends on who follows you/what your audience is. If you have followers who speak both languages, you can always just use both languages, either in the same post or not. There's absolutely no shame in that.

@B I think it gets a bit more difficult in platforms like Twitter where segmentation isn't exactly as encouraged as it is here on the fediverse. Even with the offer of an automatic translation tool I still wonder, "Will I be an asshole if I tweet this in English?" Sometimes I'm like "I thought about this in English, I don't feel like translating this now" and I feel awful.

@B It's like I feel I owe something to my native tongue?

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