Why are rugs so expensive? 馃珷

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We ordered our couch! 馃泲锔忊湪 It鈥檚 blue, retractable, and custom-made for my office. But figuring out what rug to buy has been such a hassle. Some of the options we鈥檝e seen are more expensive than the couch itself!

One of the stores we visited had, uh, this statue in the entrance (open for a surprise).

I really liked this rug, but I definitely didn鈥檛 like the price.

Follow up question: Why is it so hard to decide what rug size to buy?

Excuse me while I try to visualize how to get the most of my office space.

We managed to find a standard size that works with the room and our couch!

@anna It's absolutely WILD how expensive certain home items are. I have a new understanding of grumpy adults that don't want kids to stand on anything 馃槅

Me, as a kid: "Why does it matter if I climb on it? It's just a coffee table."
Me, as an adult: "A coffee table is how much????"

@anna but obviously, life is full of social constructs, so do whatever you want lol

@person72443 Hah, that鈥檚 true! The room I鈥檓 trying to decorate is already a bit unconventional.

@anna can't wait to see the final look, then! I think the goal with rug size is to be big enough that you have rug underfoot where you want it and it creates a nice grounding for a given "section" of the room.

@anna It's that kind of intense frustration that led to the war on rugs.

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