do people still have favorite blogs? (and can y’all share their rss feeds?)

i definitely want to get back into blogging, i too am guilty of the crime of abandoning my own blog

@anna i dont. something wrong ? i only get to blogs if i search for smth...

@hacknorris @anna I only get to blogs when i search for something oddly rare and specific.

@peterk @hacknorris that’s my case too, but i’d love to get into the habit of reading some regularly again

@anna means - if someone will post one on fedi i'll probably visit. unless its or other such thing...

@hacknorris i see! i’d like to scale back my doomscrolling habits and focus on reading things from people i find interesting on my own pace; oftentimes i feel like social media is too fast for my little neurodivergent brain and and it makes me miss “blog culture” as a whole

@jan @anna Keen to explore others' OPMLs as well, I wonder if something like still exists, preferably online? That would make sharing these links much more appealing: you can immediately preview the linked feeds to see if it's something you'd like. Plus, it lowers the "tech bar" for something like an "OPML".

@ChrisWere I do. One of my favorites is He works for Okta, but is one of the most prolific #indieweb presences on the internet.

Dunno what counts as a blog? Does substack? Does Medium? They have RSS. Here's a few of the RSS feeds in my reader:

Scott Alexander:

Scott Aaronson:

Robin Hanson:

Cory Doctorow:

Catlin Johnstone:

Yanis Voroufakis:

Jamie Zawinski

George Monbiot:

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