Time for my nerd post of the day:

I don't use horizontal scrolling very often, but it becomes a necessity when I'm reviewing initial applications and/or tracking the status of our mentoring communities on Trello.

I mentioned on Twitter how I wish my mouse had a scrolling wheel just for horizontal scrolling. A friend then told me that, at least on macOS, you can hold Shift and use the scroll wheel to scroll horizontally. Another follower suggested that I should take a look at Logi Options.

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My mouse is the MX Vertical and Logi Options gives you the option to remap all buttons. Cutting the chase a little bit, there's an option to trigger a modifier and I assigned it to the top button of my mouse. Now I can scroll horizontally with just my mouse!

(Other people suggested that I could remap the side buttons as scroll left and scroll right, but I find buttons to be less precise than the scroll wheel.)

@anna Apparently the shift thing also works under GNOME, so I learned something new.

@craigmaloney @anna last time I mentioned about wealth to scale website and everyone's mind was blown

@charlag @craigmaloney I didn't have time to test it on other OSes yet so it's good to know it's a somewhat universal shortcut!

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