@cincodenada Do you use Linux? I was curious about how to customize button functionality and all in this case.

Being blind is shit in a pandemic 

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They should replace "maintain your social distance" with "Mind the gap".

Had to move my laptop to the other side of the desk as its webcam would inadvertently catch my partner in its viewing angle.

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@gomez I had a really old model for almost ten years—my father must have bought it almost twenty years ago. It was fantastic! I miss it too.

COVID19 pet PSA, ferrets 

Happy April fool's! I am a grump about most pranks, but 2 years ago my wife pulled this prank on our giant dog, and it's still the funniest thing ever

We got him a cat bed and he even tried to lay in it 😂
Afterward he was awarded with his actual new bed which was actually made for large dogs

April Fool's advice PSA and advice; implies COVID-19 

Thanks for the replies! Decided to try the MX Vertical. I'll update this with my impressions when I finally get it a week from now.

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@james Oh, so you can use it wired as well? That's really nice. That's probably the better priced ergonomic mouse I'm seeing here.

@Wiley Oooh I've never heard of that one before! Looks really nice.

congratulations if you are reading this and are alive you survived march

@th That looks really nice, thanks for sharing!

@ak It's so useful! It's where I keep my most used devices, cables and pens.

My work desk is starting to become something I'm proud of (except for that temporary mouse, that sucks a lot).

Does anyone here have one of those Logitech trackball marbles? Do you like it? Would you recommend it to someone that works 8+ hours on a computer? I'd also love to hear from people who have other ergonomic mouses. Boosts please?

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.” — #MisterRogers #quotes

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