iPhone folks:
* Is there anything about iOS I should know (hidden features or settings)?
* Any app you love and would like to recommend?
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flu shot 

got mine this morning (the person who brought and administered our doses practically woke us up). energy levels: 📉. fever: 📈.

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@codl (And I'm assuming that I'll have to buy one eventually since I've witnessed a dozen of times how fragile OEM cables are.)

@codl This is the most annoying thing about iPhones. Every device I have except my e-reader uses USB-C. I have so many USB-C cables! And I have to buy a cable JUST for the iPhone? Ugh.

@mood your house is so beautiful and your plants look so happy!

"This is getting out of hand," I think, even though I'm getting four more this week.

@ehashman My city would definitely be too hot for most North Americans! It's not unusual for us to get 40°C in August and September (hottest months of the year). I suspect I'll need a humidifier for my plants when that season comes.

I've never seen snow! And I'm definitely not used to the cold weather most countries in the Northern Hemisphere have, I was freezing when I visited London three years ago and it wasn't even that cold!

@alexp Awww. :blob_pensive: I know there's a couple of stores selling plants online, but some will only send them to cities nearby (many are based in São Paulo).

@ehashman (Truth to be told, though, I live in Brazil and many of the plants everyone loves, including me, are native plants. I suspect that helps me quite a lot.)

@alexp Yes, I bought it online! This one came from the same place I got my variegated Peperomia scandens. It's from a store called Flora Évora on MercadoLivre.

By the way, I suspect it was mislabeled it since the Ctenanthe oppenheimiana and Stromanthe sanguinea are EXTREMELY similar to each other. Upon close examination, I think mine is actually the latter!

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@ehashman Some people say they're quite sensitive to humidity changes and minerals in water. 🤔

It came from São Paulo so I'm quite surprised that only a couple of leaves are damaged.

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This plant is going to break my heart, I can feel it.

@casey The more I read about them the more I think I'd kill one if I buy it.

My rule for houseplants and cachepots: they only get one if they're still alive by the end of our first month together.

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