COVID-19 and death 

I had to access my university's system to confirm it was him because I just couldn't believe it, but unfortunately it is. This is awful.

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COVID-19 and death 

Yesterday a former professor of mine died of COVID-19. He was a really sweet person and always tried to help me when I struggled with ordinary differential equations, multiple integrals and all that fun stuff. It's quite shocking to see his photograph on the local news.

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A partir de sábado, 11/07, às 10h, teremos um debate em torno das "Redes Descentralizadas", com a participação do @renatolond , @Anna e @amber

Disponível em nossa sala na UFOP Aberta:

I'm an orphan of Orkut and GitHub's new feature (adding a README to your profile) speaks to me in a spiritual level.

@dragon Oh no, that must be really exhausting! :blobnervous:

@dragon Here in Brazil we have a more simplified process to (1) get new legal documents (2) replace your deadname in school papers and other stuff immediately even if you don't want to deal with legal docs bureaucracy *right now*. It's such a relief.

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@dragon I'll gladly comply when there's a legitimate reason why they need my legal name, but I also ask them to not share it with anyone (and to never call me by my legal name). All workplaces and conferences that paid for my travel expenses have respected that!

"But what's your LEGAL name?" Are you going to do my taxes?

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"But what's their surname?" Why do you need to know that?

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There's nothing like making corporate people feel extremely confused about my name.

"Anna e só, is that their name?" Yes.

"But is that their real name?" Also yes.

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FYI You can nest <details> tags within <ul> and vice versa to create a collapsible tree menu without JS or CSS


Moving forward with the last addition I need to make my office a more comfortable place to be: a better chair.

We got one of those robot cleaners and... Wait a second, their app doesn't make me verify my email address? That's it, no need to click on a link or anything? This ain't good.

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PSA: I know image descriptions aren't possible for everyone and I respect that access-needs clash (all disabled people are familiar with this phenomenon). But I also know a lot more people can describe their images than are currently doing so.

If you can, you should describe
* jokes and memes; it's no good telling me I'm not missing anything
* gifs and videos
* your art! I see so much art I can't boost
* cute animal pics; I'm always sad when I can't boost the cute dogs
* audio clips too!

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Brazilian games company Behold is hiring trans women as story writers / worldbuilders for a tabletop about magical girls and cosplay. Full-time for 18 months, salary ain't bad either at r$5k.

if it wasn't so important for me to stay in Germany I'd be so all over this omg

Me: I'm doing this to improve this website's loading speeds and overall performance
Google Lighthouse: Actually, it's worse now

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