People give light themes a lot of hate but how am I supposed to work next to a window without using them? Are y'all in a dark room all the time? 🤔

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@porsupah Yeah. Theoretically we have a law akin to Europe's GDPR, but most of the punishments aren't applicable until August of this year... If our regulatory agency is ready to investigate those leaks in time.

@porsupah The amount of data leaked actually corresponds to a greater amount of people than our current population, which means there's quite a lot of data on deceased Brazilians out there. Some people suspect that that data comes from Serasa Experian even though they've denied it. In any case, this is Equifax levels of fuck up (and no one's talking about it in Brazil as that's definitely not the more scandalous thing happening right now).

Whoa, GNOME Boxes is pretty cool. Haven't used it before.

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If "Pac-Man" were a new game released today.

(My entry into b3ta's "Modernise Games" image challenge at )

Plant planning 🌱 

I think I'm going to stay away from toxic plants for now as I know my lack of experience is very likely to translate into "Shit, I forgot I can't touch that plant without gloves and now my skin hates me".

@objelisks Oh no I won't be in peace until I have one of those now

Silly question but what makes a watering can a great watering can?

Friend Camp

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