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Sometimes I think about the weird momentos that we keep that are meaningless without the associated context of our lives

One of my most treasured possessions is a bundle of keys that unlock doors that no longer exist

What's your favorite resource to help someone understand what Git is and how to use it?

If there’s still glue on your eyelids, you can use baby oil to remove it. Using cotton swabs or cotton discs makes the whole process way easier.

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The trick to remove micropore tape without hurting yourself is using warm water. The best way you can do that by yourself is by taking a shower. But if you need to tape your eyes shut like me, you better learn your house’s layout well before attempting to leave your bed on your own.

It involved a whole lot of adulting and I’m going to sleep for days. Thanks for all the really sweet messages!

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Being a bit more serious now (and ignoring a little bit any critiques I have on how the state regulates relationships), my partner and I have been together for almost a decade. A domestic partnership grants us so many protections and rights. It’s mainly about having each other’s backs and advocating for each other’s wishes to be heard and executed. It’s a pretty big deal for us. I’m really happy we just squashed one of the biggest worries I’ve ever had.

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@halcyon Definitely, thank you so much! We had a nice dinner together to celebrate! 🍷

@bright_helpings It does feel appropriate, thank you! I think that what made me really emotional is the realization that we finally have many of the legal protections we wanted and needed, especially in the middle of a pandemic. 💚 It’s something we’ve been talking about for a long time and wow, does it feel good to finally do something about it!

It’s done! I can’t believe I got really emotional reading and signing what’s basically a contract, lol.

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Plz help me get meds, physio & groceries? 

Hi, fedi! :blobcatpeek:

Can you pretty plz help me?

I need 165€ for meds, which got increased this month;

30€ for physiotherapy;

& groceries + personal hygiene stuff, for which I'm short 100€.

IF you CAN chip in, it'll be very welcome & appreciated!

Any amount will help & so will boosts! :blobcatflower:



#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid

Thank you so much for helping me! :blobcatheart:

Our lawyer just confirmed it, it’s going to be tomorrow! Woo!

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Well… It looks like my partner and I will register our domestic partnership tomorrow (!!!!).

@neocolapsar 💯, cables are finicky sometimes but much more realiable overall.

@porsupah Yeah, I think that when they announced Lightning, they mentioned how they'd stick with it for 10 years or so. Some people think they'll never get rid of it for USB-C on iPhones, that they'd rather go portless. Idk, and at this point I'm not sure if I care, there's so much more I hate about this phone, lol.

@porsupah I suspect (but I have no supporting evidence other than anecdotes) that I can't use USB 3.0 ports to transfer photos and videos from and to my iPhone, I have to use USB 2.0 ports to get a successful transfer.

@porsupah I remember hearing that the new iPad mini also supports higher speeds, and it was really funny because they did a big deal out of removing the Lightning port for a USB-C port and then launched another iPhone with Lightning.

@porsupah What gen? I have an iPhone 11 and it's so bad. Not only it's slow but it often fails to transfer photos and videos.

On a more serious note, people need to understand that some of the reasons why something works for them may be the exact same reasons why something *doesn't* work for someone else.

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Not that using a cable helps a lot in this case since Lightning is still stuck in USB 2.0 speeds anyway.

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