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too many emojis 

my anxiety is doing some numbers lately 📈📉📈📉📈

do people still have favorite blogs? (and can y’all share their rss feeds?)

My MacBook Pro (2019) is sitting under $700 (normally about $1800)! If you or someone you know needs a laptop, send them to!

tfw you suspect you have ADHD and you keep forgetting to schedule an appointment to figure that out.


We ate popcorn again today! 🍿✨ Watch me have all the food I avoided for years because I was afraid of breaking my teeth even more.

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It just hit me this month will end in 11 days and our election day is just around the corner. <muffled scream>

Reminder that Andrew Wakefield initially lied about finding a connection between mainstream vaccines and autism because he was peddling his own line of alternative vaccines. It wasn't just a spurious claim: he lied because he wanted people's money and he didn't care if those people got hurt.

I don't know who needs to hear this today but:
Being disabled is a full time job.

What I expected from today: a productive day at work

What I’m getting: hardware issues, bureaucracy, helping a professor figure out what happened to their class module on Moodle

International Accessibility Task Force is an open-to-everyone community of: assistive technology users, open-source developers, and people interested in accessibility and inclusion.

In this community, users and developers work as a team. The assistive technology users can request to code a tool to the developers, and developers might create a workgroup to develop an open-source solution to fulfill the request. #a11y #accessibility #foss

Why is LibreOffice so bad on macOS? It crashes all the time.

Love #Figma? Now that it has been acquired by #Adobe their future might just go the same direction as Macromedia Fireworks, which according to the top HN commenter was:

"a calculated decision to kill an innovative product because it threatened the profits of their cash cows"

Luckily there's something much nicer than Figma. More promising: A true #FOSS alternative for #UX design.

Of course this is @penpot

Give it a spin. Join the community.

I’m glad the professor for tomorrow’s class realized that and won’t make us commute to university in the midst of a heat wave.

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Today’s class had a “this class could’ve been a virtual meeting” vibe all over it.


I think my presentation went really well! My colleagues were more interested in data sets related to public spending or universities in Brazil, I was the only one who ran an analysis of our local COVID-19 data set.

I tried to make a point (there's a lot missing from this data set, especially if you want to know how minoritized groups were and still are affected by the ongoing pandemic), and I had to make some pauses because I felt like I was going to start crying... But I did it!

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I managed to make it work in time for my last Database class today! Woo!

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“Oh, you wanted to save this report? You clicked on Save dozens of times? I won’t save this for you. Fuck you.”

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