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Hey! We're running a festival/exhibition/thing in Bristol in June! Do you like art and tech, but in a ~c r i t i c a l~ way? Do you like being paid for your work? Then please submit something to our open call!

always vaguely hilarious when you do something weird with text and html/css and the text is still selectable and copy/paste-able

I received my contributor's copy of Jhave's _ReRites - Raw Output / Responses_ the other day and I highly recommend it, both as a record of a poet's sustained engagement with machine learning, and as a book of, like, good poems.

also included: a bunch of fun insightful essays written in response to the project by (e.g.) @nickmofo and Johanna Drucker. (and *me*, actually, and it's still surreal to see an essay I wrote in same book as all these writers I look up to!)

work, art (- but only in a whiny way) 

cranky programming complain about paths and handles 

religion, ritual, fluid simulation 

religion, ritual, vrchat 

when you've had it up to here with people deleting... the library

(this is a variation on a theme, similar to the techniques/models in "Compasses," but using a tweaked version of the model that allows for more interesting interpolations, plus I like the idea of doing the "every copy is unique" thing that I did for Art of Bots a few years back)

how long before media companies just go ahead and start charging subscription fees for one-time pay-per-view? "Want to watch X? Click here to subscribe to our Having-Watched-X service! Watch X and then keep on having watched it that one time for just $6.99/mo"


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