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the correct answer here was "country" but duolingo, my friend, my love, i *would* one day like to visit a french-speaking hamburger

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(very mildly annoyed that neither lulu nor blurb seem to support 5.25"x8", which feels like the Right Size for this project for me)

question: so I want to make a physical version of my weird gan book

what's the best print-a-book-on-demand service for this kind of thing? (right now I just want to print one or two as prototypes, so it has to be a service with no minimum)

I'm aware of Lulu and Blurb but wondering if there are other choices.

(alternatively if you know of a publisher who might want to print this for real, lmk...)

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(imagining multiple concentric circles like this—interpolation needs to be slower—also I need to learn how video compression works apparently)

been working on a lot of fancy text language poetry generation stuff lately but it's so tough to beat the tried and true technique of "replace words with other words sharing the same part of speech"

heteronormativity, lewd-adjacent, immature, whatever, just clicking post 

heteronormativity, lewd-adjacent, immature, whatever, just clicking post 

(speaking of verlan, I am upset that in the course of a decade of French classes I took across middle school, high school and university, to my knowledge not a single teacher ever mentioned its existence, leaving it up to me to web search basic garbage like "meuf" and "chelou" while watching netflix like some kind of baby and/or space alien)

it seems like this 1988 phd dissertation (referenced in the poster) remains the most thorough theoretical treatment of "ludlings" (language games like pig latin, verlan, etc) in the literature it is. almost 600 pages. and typeset. entirely with a dot matrix printer

also found that "increasingly visually alien characters receiv[e] slightly more phonotactically novel names" (though I'm curious about how the researcher made decisions about what makes for "visual novelty")

very cool conference poster on the phonetics of alien names in star trek. "An analysis of the phonotactics of alien names in the Star Trek franchise suggests that writers are relying on implicit phonotactic knowledge in conveying ‘alien-ness’. In particular, word onsets with low frequency in English are over-represented in alien names, and illicit onsets are repaired recoverably, consistent with markedness subversion." [pdf link]


this has been on my "open projects and ideas" board for like a year and i am very happy right now to be able to take it down and rip it in half and throw it away

using the same models and code I also made a book of latent space interpolations. this isn't 50k words long but I like it and wanted to share. PDF version image gallery:

The final version of my asemic novel _Ahe Thd Yearidy Ti Isa_ (made for NaNoGenMo 2019) is now available, either as a 100MB PDF or as an online image gallery

it was generated from a suite of GANs trained on bitmaps of random words, which I then sampled from and arranged to look sorta novel-esque. training code: novel generation/layout code:

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