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PSA: here are the bots I've made that run on Mastodon:
Source code available for all of these.

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"humans are the disease" factoid actualy just ecofascist rhetoric. average person ruins 0 planets per year. Capitalism Georg, who lives in cave & ruins over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

beautiful Mirtha Dermisache exhibition catalog available for free download, for the asemic writing fans on here ("Descargar PDF" on the right side of the page to download) (most of it is essays and stuff in Spanish but there's a big chunk of reproductions of Dermisache's work in the middle)

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For all you solarpunk / environmentalist people, an awesome resource to check out & educate yourself

obligatory tag yourself/celestial emporium of benevolent knowledge joke

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EPIC KITCHENS 100 (dataset of first-person videos of people doing kitchen tasks annotated with running narration, whose name also sounds like a cyberpunk shitpost or an appliance brand from the 1960s)

generating sorta... pseudo-villanelle-like cut-up poems, where the lines are drawn at random from versified wikipedia pages related to "legibility," and instead of finding rhyming lines, I'm matching them up by semantic or phonetic similarity

i just checked and i definitely have mp3 files older than some of my undergrad students, hmm

succinct and useful paper critiques, uh, kinda just the very concept of a metric, especially as it pertains to machine learning models i.e., we can’t measure the things that matter most; metrics can, and will, be gamed; metrics overemphasize short-term concerns; many metrics gather data of what we do in highly addictive environments

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uspol, police fragility 

the new Libby Watson article on the cop persecution complex is pretty good, check it out folks

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I'm in the New York Times today talking about bots and disinformation. And how the Great Bot Scourge is mostly exaggerated and misunderstood.

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BIPOC literature 

i'm looking for sources of public-domain literature (fic & non-fic) by BIPOC authors, hopefully to suggest for a digitisation project i'm following (and also for my own perusal).

for instance, gutenberg has a bookshelf of African-American writers at hoping there are more out there.

uspol, trans, protests, birdsite link (+) 

video of the huge crowd at the black trans lives matter protest in brooklyn a few hours ago

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scifi story idea: OpenAI, recognizing that training the 100 trillion-parameter GPT-5 would require a text corpus larger than the total amount of digital text currently in existence, spends billions paying writers to produce new texts for the corpus

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