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Steam page for Mondo Museum, my museum management sim, is up! If you’re into it please wishlist and share thank you 🙏

snark about video games because why not 

snark about video games because why not 

I'm running a day long workshop at Radical Networks in NYC Oct 18 -- it's about how to run a small social network site for a small community. We're going to be making a (probably temporary) fediverse server for the "community" of our classroom and navigating all the social issues that arise when people with only surface things in common (like "we got tickets for this workshop") try to make an online space for themselves.

so who are the artists/activists/engineers in NYC working on decentralized networking (broadly construed—peer to peer, activitypub-esque stuff, mesh networking, gopher revivals, etc.)?

(I feel like I probably know most of them [and maybe even had them as students] but for some reason I can't come up with a quick list)


fictional artifacts I wish existed (ds9 mild spoilers) 

@aparrish Yottabytes Georg is an outlier adn should not have been counted

experts agree that the average american now inadvertently swallows up to eight gigabytes a year

baffling sometimes to remember that I have accidentally lost more computer memory than the amount 1960s sci-fi authors thought would take up like seventeen city blocks


(hey if you're linking through to something or saying more than just "ugh rms" today, maybe put a cw on that toot?)

vim joke, lewd adjacent 

twitter, bots 

the playstation store causes my ps4 to hard crash like... pretty regularly. which seems contrary to, you know, the goals of a store

how to make your own DIY Pale Fire: go to SurLaLune Annotated Tales and just read the Annotations (e.g., whence the hungary water reference from earlier)

pun on the word "hungary" sorry 

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