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ANYWAY, what I was actually trying to make—draft version from earlier today when I was trying out (unsuccessfully to my eye) using a brush pen; later version (after I fixed the DPI bug) using the micron 08 on darker paper

actually to be more specific: the library doesn't add a viewBox attribute to the svg tag, so AxiDraw defaults to interpreting the units inside the SVG as pixels. if I add a viewBox manually (that equals the width and height of the document), then everything works!

(to me it seems like a better default behavior for Axidraw would be to assume a viewBox of "0 0 <width> <height>" if a viewBox isn't specified but I'm sure they had their reasons?)

*throws this whole contraption out the window*

ah, it is because the library I am using to output SVG uses points internally but does not put units in individual elements, which AxiDraw interprets (according to the SVG standard) as pixel measurements to be rendered at 96DPI. and (1/96)*72 = 0.75

(just in svg plotting mode through the python api though—interactive mode is drawing at the right size)

just discovered that my axidraw has been drawing everything at exactly 3/4 size for some reason? anyone have an idea why this might be the case?

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


Hey! We're running a festival/exhibition/thing in Bristol in June! Do you like art and tech, but in a ~c r i t i c a l~ way? Do you like being paid for your work? Then please submit something to our open call!

always vaguely hilarious when you do something weird with text and html/css and the text is still selectable and copy/paste-able

I received my contributor's copy of Jhave's _ReRites - Raw Output / Responses_ the other day and I highly recommend it, both as a record of a poet's sustained engagement with machine learning, and as a book of, like, good poems.

also included: a bunch of fun insightful essays written in response to the project by (e.g.) @nickmofo and Johanna Drucker. (and *me*, actually, and it's still surreal to see an essay I wrote in same book as all these writers I look up to!)

work, art (- but only in a whiny way) 

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