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sayonara wild heart 

updates to spacy in version 2.2 look super handy, including smaller installations and more robust document serialization (I have implemented like half a dozen different ad-hoc ways to serialize spacy objects over the years, maybe this new version will finally obviate all of that)

This is the new website of my friend Li Zilles who is brilliant and has made some of my favorite tech art stuff AND is also ~~looking for web dev work~~ but mostly I'm just bragging that we are friends and you should go look at their cool projects.

bad/good idea of the day 

bad/good idea of the day 

paratexts, light blasphemy 

paratexts, light blasphemy 

"the stations of the cross was the original walking simulator" is a very powerful and useful idea (not my idea)

I have in my head what I think is an iconic image of one of Gordon Matta-Clark's building cuts—in which there are spherical cut-outs on the four corners of a building—but I can't find it on the internet anywhere. I might be imagining a piece that doesn't exist (conflating "Splitting" with "Conical Intersect"?) but I don't think I am... or maybe I'm thinking of another artist altogether? help?

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in both the folktale Hansel and Gretel and the story of Penelope in The Odyssey, the duck acts as a kind of "reverse Charon," ferrying innocent youth back to the realm of the living (rescuing them from dark magic or certain death). likewise Gone Home's Christmas Duck ushers Kate into the Greenbriar home, which though momentarily abandoned teems with life, etc

I haven't even played the goose game so maybe this is explicitly referenced in there, but still, wow (from Armstrong, Edward A. “The Symbolism of the Swan and the Goose.” Folklore, vol. 55, no. 2, 1944, pp. 54–58. JSTOR,

Unfinished Swan, Untitled Goose, Christmas Duck: A Brief Ludology of Anatidae

🎶 here come old laptop
it come booting up slowly
it got gooey trackpoint
it need always charger
it got hair down below its keys
not totally broken -
it still do what you please 🎵

french, plurals, magick 

Radical Networks October 18-20, 2019 Prime Produce, NYC apparently still some tickets left, check the program -

remember when it seemed like gestural controllers were going to be a thing

christianity, more light blasphemy 

christianity, more light blasphemy, anatomy mention 

(I feel like I'm 12 and making shops to exchange gems for torches in zzt again, very good nostalgic feeling)

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