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programming, color 

programming, color 

Ghost-Busters (1939) starring Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Gail Patrick (dir. Frank Capra)

food, carl sagan 

nyc bike(share) tales, evaluation and conclusion 

nyc bike(share) tales, pt 2 

nyc bike(share) tales 

nba takes, I have nowhere else to post these, sorry 

in related news I have learned how to add callbacks to buttons in jupyter notebook and am henceforth unstoppable (at least when it comes to making prototype interfaces)

evolving allison by incrementally adding noise to the hidden phonetic state of a phoneme-to-grapheme-to-phoneme model...

video games 

data xeriscaping (designing systems to work well with little or no data)

this is from MongoDB's managed hosting service but "Atlas Data Lake" could also 100% be a Vex-centric DLC map for Destiny 2

tired: why don't you go jump in a lake, pal
wired: why don't you go query a data lake, pal

code and notes for the SFPC Code Societies workshop that I wrapped up last night, entitled "Computational exploration of magical and divinatory language" including automated random word squares, magic words through noise applied to phonetic hidden states, oracle card vectorization, tarot t-SNE, etc.

This Has Been Merely To Determine

She had programmed
these plums
that were in spite of her icebox

and that
he is probably slatherring
among breakfast

Concern her
they were delicious
extra sweet
but very cold

current scholarship seems to favor a hierarchical relationship between pokémon types and the classical elements although even this author finds that one type ("normal") can't fit into this taxonomy, and I'm inclined to think there's a many-to-many relationship wherein some types belong to more than one classical element and others may fall altogether outside of the classical conception altogether

we all seem to agree that it can be used to make "statements" but what are the other potential illocutionary forces of fashion? can you ask questions, make requests, greet, apologize, congratulate? this started as a joke idea in my head but actually now i want to read a full analysis of fashion through the lens of speech act theory

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