I think if literally anyone I ever met—let alone a close friend—ever wrote a poem about how much they loved their cat and read it to me, my attention would be almost *disturbingly* rapt from beginning to end, and I would cry and cry when they were done reading, exactly the opposite of what these awful starfleet shitheads did to Data youtube.com/watch?v=krD2_CN72-


more to the point, I can't imagine anything more beautiful and remarkable than an android reading a poem that he wrote about how much he loves his cat! how could you fail to be moved by this

@aparrish an underrated data moment! i think that video cuts off troi's applause, she looks like she loves it at the end there

@aparrish like clearly this is supposed to be funny like har har look how boring data's understanding of poetry is but like you said it's so beautiful and the prose is 100% datas voice

@Ludonaut I hope Data has some actual poetry friends that he hangs out with over subspace or whatever who appreciate his work and send him praise and good feedback

@aparrish reminds me of "data's day", which works so well because it's told entirely from data's perspective and narrated by him in the form of subspace correspondence (to that researcher who wanted to disassemble him i believe)

also dr. crusher gives him a tap dancing lesson!

@aparrish on a very tangentially related note, @beelica@twitter.com mentioned at her launch party that she wrote "Let You Go" about her rescue cat


( :birdsite: Cookie: https://twitter.com/beelica/status/533250575144869889 )

@aparrish gosh, the understanding of what computer things we'd be moved by, extremely a product of its time

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