i think you could develop a pretty good high school steam curriculum just around the concept of the spectrogram. fast fourier transforms, formants in recorded speech, audio compression. it's all there.

spectrograms! i just think they're neat

(this thought brought to you by me trying to figure how how to explain Ohala's "frequency code" hypothesis of sound symbolism in language to someone for whom "second formants" and "high-frequency consonants" might not make intuitive sense and it would be helpful to just be able to show a spectrogram to everyone but what if they've never seen a spectrogram before?)

(brought to you by my cat being annoyed and disturbed at my attempts to produce fricatives with various frequencies and bandwidths)

@aparrish I once saw Bernie Krause give a talk on using spectograms to demonstrate how animals and insects communicate. He makes natural recordings that he calls biophanies. Spectograms make it obvious how they choose different frequencies and take turns, in order to be better heard.

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