more experiments with combining phonetic similarity and semantic similarity (with pre-trained glove vectors). the screenshot shows a handful of randomly sampled words followed by the synonym for that word that most sounds like "bubble"


synonyms that sound like "green":

wonderful → great
predictable → cliche
cables → crimp
stacks → cleanly
civic → grassroots
triplets → tween
antenna → antennae
distasteful → unclean
photographing → graphic
corps → cadre
amends → agreements
crutches → kneel
congregations → preach
gall → kidneys
vending → canteen

(sometimes the connections here are pretty tenuous, i.e., in the cases where there really isn't anything that meets both criteria. I think if I were to incorporate something like this into actual text generation I'd probably have some kind of baseline value for both axes of similarity)

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@aparrish words with their least-similar sounding synonyms pls?

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