regular reminder that google wave was good actually and I miss it

(I had what amounted to a group chat with some good friends during google wave's heyday and the feeling of sorta... "building" a conversation both synchronously and asynchronously is something really satisfying that I haven't experienced since)

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@aparrish it was ahead of its time and hugely misunderstood (i blame marketing)

@aparrish I have sometimes had realllly good moments with google docs comments which are similar, but yeah it was a cool cool tool.

One of my fave things w/docs is when a person or group writes a thing, then asks a group of peers & friends to comment and the conversation builds and intersects and it can be SO cool. There's lots of issues w/using Google but for these kinds of conversation it's done so much to help me engage w/my peers in my research/writing

@aparrish It was really fun to work with! I was actually super surprised at how nice it felt. But yeah, the fact that it came out of google absolutely killed it. Surprised no one has tried to pick it back up in smaller ways.

@aparrish The death of Google Wave was our first clue that Google only cared about how much money products could make. But one could chalk that up to "fool me once." I have no excuse for having continued to use their stuff after they killed Reader, though.

@freakazoid @aparrish

Google is the IM/collab Sisyphus...they'll keep doing it because there's always someone that needs a promotion, and they'll always revert to ground zero because those products will never be part of their core ID, which is adtech

@aparrish I am ALL ABOARD this train

I tried getting Kune up and running on one of my servers not long ago but it seemed pretty janky and I never managed to get it deployed

@aparrish I liked the idea a lot, but it was sluggish beyond belief for me

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