thinking about the deictic properties of the indefinite article so often found in image captions, especially in a machine learning context—e.g. it's almost always something like "a boat is in the water," not "this/that/the boat..." (or, you know, "my boat," "someone else's boat," etc.). demonstrates the extent to which image captioning as an activity assumes & enforces a kind of physical, temporal and social decontextualization of images—neither captionist nor viewer are "present" in the process

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@aparrish I like the idea this sort of suggests, little microfiction pieces as image captions


@cori I kind of like the aesthetic effect too! but I feel like it's only a very particular kind of fiction does visual descriptions like this—especially in microfiction I'd figure you'd prefer the deixis-heavy "I adore this fuzzy sweater" to "A fuzzy sweater is near a person. A person adores a fuzzy sweater."

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@aparrish that's true, I was thinking more about "I adore this fuzzy sweater"-type captions. maybe I just like the idea of explicitly subjective image descriptions?

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