What heretical software features can you imagine that would never fly at a growth oriented company but could totally work on free open source social media?

For example, algorithmic timelines are one way to deal with information overload. But what if instead your software offered suggestions for people to unfollow (this person posts a lot and you hardly ever interact with them)? Not necessarily a good idea but it's an idea we could implement that would NEVER happen on Twitter, Facebook, etc


@darius a meter that shows how much energy the user's behavior on the site is using, along with a calculation of the co2 emissions from that energy

@aparrish the thing about this one is it's a really thorny and deep computer engineering and physics problem, so you'd think there would be some nerds excited to dig in!

@darius @aparrish but the sort of nerd who could do it for free is generally also the sort who’s become personally identified with the power and license to run their computer as long and hot as they damned well please

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