I am reading James Ryan's dissertation (_Curating Simulated Storyworlds_) and it is really well written and witty and deeply researched and rewarding to read—e.g., there's a footnote on p. 29 on generative "indexical storytelling" and "archaeogaming" (!) that has enough ideas and references to pretty much set you on a full and rich career path in innovative game design, even though the dissertation isn't "about" any of those things

baz luhrmann pastiche, gender binary 

@darius it's one of those things where you look at it and you're like "haha funny goof" but then you're like "oh wait actually"

@aparrish I mean I'm literally reading an 800 page history of BBN written by former employees so I would probably have a lot to talk to him about even setting aside the creative computing history stuff!

@aparrish This site popped up asking me if I'd like to sign up to get updates about more papers about Narratives.

I'm unfamiliar with it; is it a legit site? Like, I'd love to get that update, but I'm just unfamiliar with this site.

@emsenn i don't like researchgate personally, it's weirdly spammy (as you've noticed). but that's the link that James has given out specifically as the canonical version, so

@aparrish thanks! really glad i caught you share this; would've never known about it otherwise I bet

I was trying to explain emergent behavior and curation to someone in a chat last year. At only 816pp, I think this author might be more succinct than I was being 😌

Thanks for the link

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