sampling from a VAE trained on Yahoo Answers: ("_UNK" is "unknown token")

what is the name of the song that says `` i have a song '' ? i have a song called `` _UNK '' .

i have been having a _UNK for about 2 years now . i have been taking _UNK for a while and i have been told that i have to be able to get rid of the _UNK .

what is the penalty for the game of the game ? i 'm trying to find out what the penalty for the game is . i have a ticket for the game . i have no idea what the penalty is .

just a few more of these, sorry

how to play a guitar in soccer ? i was wondering where i can get the best guitar tab for _UNK . i am looking for a better guitar player , with the same songs , along with cars , ice hockey etc .

please help ! ! ! my freind is making a gymnastics in a _UNK , where are i ? ( i know i really like it ! ) i do n't think he likes it . what do you think ? i think its hot !

i got a baseball bat & i 'm just using yahoo !


aaand the first decoded sample I got back from the VAE I trained on my Project Gutenberg poetry corpus is... "we let the captain of the farts." love these neural networks

adventures in poetry space (interpolating between two random samples):

With day in the world and all the green-born wings.
And take the world in the steeping eyes.
And in the soul are one and fair;
And such is a child of summer--
And all the one and the sun of the world.
And was so as the world is gone.
And there was the world is evermore.
And what i might that i go.
And i was not in the weary day.
And where i saw the lovers are never are known.
And i was the no more for the night.

(this is from a model trained on just a 100k-line subset of the poetry corpus and where I had to terminate the training process because I could see the posterior collapsing right before my eyes—still not bad I think!)

@aparrish "and was so as the world is gone" is a lovely turn of phrase

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