i don't know why people say software engineering is difficult. just get the code cube to unlock the area leading to the boss. even kirby understands the basics

@aparrish lol imagine learning multi threading when you can just walk in a door with an orange star?? 😂

@aparrish Cube doesn't fit. Turn it upside down. Doesn't fit. Turns cube again. Fits.

@aparrish And why do I want to unlock a way to the boss?

They'll just give me weird unimplementable requirements.

@aparrish I thought a "code cube" was where people sat and typed the Important Things ...?

@aparrish I mean, this is literally all I do at work, right? Pick up cubes of code from Maven Central or NPM and put them together with other cubes to make bigger cubes.

That, and debug network issues, I guess.

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