remember when it seemed like gestural controllers were going to be a thing

@aparrish yeah, they made a zelda game that I found unplayable

@bcj I saw the best minds of my generation waggling etc

@aparrish @bcj remember that little wave of gestural input experiments in desktop UIs maybe 2000-2003 or thereabouts?

i'm thinking specifically of stuff in opera (the browser) and black & white (the overhyped but kind interesting peter molyneux god game), but i think there were other things...

@aparrish I was just wondering the other day whether we would get a zwift-style game with gestures designed to build upper body strength.

@aparrish " if millions of human factors engineers and ergonomicists suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

@aparrish Yeah, and then it lead to every university dropping a ton of money on a "multi-touch" table which had a photo swiping application working on it after 36 person-months. They are now sitting in closets with the "3D" televisions that came out the year after.

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