Unfinished Swan, Untitled Goose, Christmas Duck: A Brief Ludology of Anatidae

I haven't even played the goose game so maybe this is explicitly referenced in there, but still, wow (from Armstrong, Edward A. “The Symbolism of the Swan and the Goose.” Folklore, vol. 55, no. 2, 1944, pp. 54–58. JSTOR,

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in both the folktale Hansel and Gretel and the story of Penelope in The Odyssey, the duck acts as a kind of "reverse Charon," ferrying innocent youth back to the realm of the living (rescuing them from dark magic or certain death). likewise Gone Home's Christmas Duck ushers Kate into the Greenbriar home, which though momentarily abandoned teems with life, etc

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@aparrish my kid really likes Ducks, and he's 2, and so any sort of cool ducky lore you have, I am here to learn, and, possibly, share with the kiddo. :)

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