usability concerns about keyboards throughout most of history: ugh qwerty is so arbitrary and inefficient

usability concerns about keyboards 2k19: these unicorns are somehow categorized as "frequently used" even though i have never used one

a history of inventing new things to type in order to sell more typing devices

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@aparrish Unicorns aside, my big complaint is that section has never been 'frequently used' it's just recently used

@bcj in this case i just feel like apple is foisting memoji on me by putting them in a place i am likely to look and tap and i resent it 😕🤷🏻‍♀️😞

@aparrish @bcj Right, that’s the section that shows a custom Memoji if you set one and for whatever reason they default to Unicorns if you refuse to set one. Maybe some tragically toxic masculine person thought sparkly unicorns might encourage people to go back and set up a custom Memoji to get rid of the unicorns?

I started using the unicorns just to spite such nonsense.

@aparrish I have been thinking about soldering a mechanical keyboard "macro pad" that would be 100% entry sequences for decorative unicode

@maya i love this ideaaaa. would be very cool to performatively take out of your bag and when your friends ask "what is that for?" you're all like "I needed to shrug"


Is there factual confirmation of the theory that qwerty unintentionally favored Lefty typists because of how many important keys ended up on the left side?

-- A Lefty

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